Anywhere By Bus: The Road To Sta. Ana

Can’t wait to be here really really SOON…

Anywhere By Bus

Anywhere By Bus.

The theme came to us, appropriately, while we were on a bus hurtling through sleepy Nueva Vizcaya on our way to Sta. Ana, Cagayan, 15 long hours away from home. It made perfect sense, since this was what we travel bugs have always had in common — a love for cheapery, eatery, picturey, sleepery trips in the quest for the paths unbeaten.

Bus rides never fail to provide that perspective for the intrepid traveller. There are no check-in counters to catch, no overweight luggage to watch out for. There are no overcharging cabbies a-hustling outside the terminal, and while taking the bus isn’t the quickest way to get from point A to B, it sure is the more scenic mode of transport that’s more egalitarian to the usual suspects for designated driver.

So anyway, our ABB trip had begun to hatch barely a week before Holy Week…

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