Boracay 5-Day Itinerary

It was August last year when my best friend asked us to join the trip to Boracay. With no assurance of getting approved for a holiday break, we immediately booked for a flight going to Caticlan and a return flight from Kalibo. Luckily my holiday break got approved early November. Woot! My and girlfriend and I were both excited. It was her first time and it was a pre-celebration of my birthday. Life Is Good!

Below was our 5 Day Itinerary:

Day 1 Itinerary

0515 Flight to Caticlan
0625 Arrived in Caticlan
0730 Arrived in Station 2
0800 Checked In at Shenna’s Resort
0830 Breakfast at Shenna’s Restaurant
0915 Leisurely Walk
1030 Chill at ShareTea
1100 Back in the Hotel/Sleep Time
1600 Leisurely Walk + Shake at Jonah’s
1730 Sunset Watching
2200 Dinner/Oyster Buffet
2130 Chill By The Beach + Drinks


Day 2 Itinerary

0900 Good Morning
1200 Henna Tattoo
1400 Parasailing
1700 Sunset Sailing
1800 Boracay Beach Club
1900 Dinner at Bacolod Inasal
2100 Souvenir Shopping
2200 Drinks + Fun

031013_0900_Boracay201222.jpgTo read the Full Story of Day 1 and 2, click here…

Day 3 Itinerary

1000 Wake Up Time
1130 Call Time for Ariel’s Point
1230 Arrived at Ariel’s Point
1300 BBQ Lunch
1600 Left Ariel’s Point
1700 Back in Boracay
1900 Dinner by the beach

031013_1134_Boracay20134.jpgDay 4 Itinerary

1000 Wake Up Time
1100 Brunch at Shakeys
1300 Chill by the beach
1700 Coffee at Starbucks
1730 Sunset Viewing + Leisurely Walk
1900 Dinner at Andoks
2200 BBQ snacks
0000 Drinks


Day 5 Itinerary

0700 Wake Up Time
0800 Checked Out
0830 Real Coffee
0900 Port
0930 Off to Kalibo
1100 Kalibo Airport
1245 Boarded the plane (delayed)
1400 Back in Manila


To read the Full Story of Day 3 to 5, click here…

For a smooth sailing trip here, feel free to contact Ate Stella at +63920 896 2264

8 thoughts on “Boracay 5-Day Itinerary

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    • Tbh I can’t quite remember. Just walk along the beach and u’ll see a lot from different resorts or resto. U can either rent per hour or simply buy a drink from them to get a free chill till sundown. 😉

  3. Nice Photos! Really helpful Itinerary 🙂 I Really miss Boracay.. Its really fun if you were with friends, aside from you have a share buddy in expenses at the same time you have a buddy to enjoy the beauty of Boracay. Where everything was perfect 🙂 what I love most was the nightlife in there. Plus the Water Sports, Land Activities, delicious Foods, magical sunset 🙂 My Boyfriend and I really look for a cozy and relaxing place to stay. We find The Orient Beach Boracay, it was peaceful that we really had a great time of staying as a couple 🙂 it was also affordable with complete amenities like a 5Star Hotel but it was Newly Opened Hotel, everything was new. I was also fascinated by their door and electricity in the room, it was powered by electronic key card and what really amaze us is they have a small electronic machine where you can manage if you don’t want to be disturb. Amazing! It was 5 mins ride to D’mall, and from the world famous white Beach, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. You can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast and oh, complimentary coffee was available at your room. Staffs are really accommodating and very friendly 🙂 they are the one who help us in booking our activities and had a great deals. We really had a great stay! Cant wait for our next visit in Boracay 🙂

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