Tarak Traverse Itinerary


Day 1

0300 Board Genesis (Either Pasay or Avenida) or Bataan Express bus lines to Alasasin, Bataan
0700 ETA Alas-asin; register at Brgy. Hall, BREAKFAST, Prepare Pack lunch, and loading of supplies
0745 Start trek!
0830 ETA to Nanay Daldal (donations accepted)
0840 Resume trek
0930 Arrival Grassland (Before forest)
1330 Arrival Paniquian falls
1430 ETA Pantingan Falls, Set camp before dark
1730 Prepare for Fine Dining,…Social Drinking
2200 Lights out / Alcohol black out

Day 2 

0600 Breakfast,
0700 Start assault to Tarak Ridge and Summit
0830 ETA Summit, Mossy forest, and Historical Tree
0900 Start Descent
0930 ETA Papaya River
1000 Swimming and Early lunch
1030 Socials (Daytime)
1430 Break camp
1500 Back to Barangay Alasasin,

Bring the Following:

– Bus RT: 700 to 750
– Food: 200 (3 meals: Diner day 1, Bfast Lunch day 2)
– Reg Fees: 40 (barangay)
– Donation/Buko Juice to nanay daldal

– Guide and Cook Fee: 120
– Contingency Fund (It might be difficult to get a ride from Alasasin back to Manila)

* Packed Breakfast and Lunch for day 1
* 1 kg rice
* 1 butane
* Bring 2 LITERS trail fluid each (water source are available along the way)
* Bring proper TRAIL FOOD
* Tent and other things

***Extracted from Relax Extremely Daring Mountaineers Archives

12 thoughts on “Tarak Traverse Itinerary

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  2. Looking for a group of hikers,trekkers,mountaineers where i can join……hehehe! gusto ko umakyat sa bundok kaya lang wala ako masamahan kaya unti palang naakyat ko..plz pasamahin nyo ako guys kng sino man ung pede ako e welcome sa group nila..thak you!

  3. I’ve been climbing since last year. I’ve climbed about eight mountains in Tanay Rizal and Batangas. Now I want to try Tarak ridge in Bataan. If ever this would be my first major climb. I hope I can join your group too

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