Tara Let’s Go Asia Random Trip 1: Discovering Rizal

Ever went on a Random Trip with total strangers? Quite interesting right? Well, I know at least two people from this trip when Tara Let’s Go Asia first held their meet-up. Few days before the actual trip, I saw the below on my feeds and went through the details. There was no specific Itinerary or plan and all you have to do is to bring yourself and enjoy. The concept was new to me so we joined. It’s a chance to meet Random People and do some Random Stuff to a Random Destination.  Kewl!

We arrived just in time and waited for a few minutes then off we go. Wondering how we’re going to get to our destination? Yes! a Jeepney. An Air-conditioned Jeepney! It’s bigger than a normal jeepney, more of like a mini-bus only that it’s locally made. 🙂

Just few minutes after leaving the parking lot near El Pueblo a traffic enforcer stopped us to query what the heck the Jeepney is doing Ortigas. The jeepney rented plies through Makati area and since we’re at Ortigas it’s normal for an officer to stop a public vehicle that is out of its normal route. It’s very important if you consider renting one to have a permit, drivers know this so don’t worry.

To start of the trip, our 1st Stop was Antipolo Cathedral – Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine. The Jesuits administered the church from 1591 to 1768. Built by the Rev. Juan de Salazar S.J., the church was ready for Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje in 1632. The church was greatly damaged during the Chinese uprising of 1639 and in the earthquakes of 1645, 1824 and 1883. For three centuries now, this church has been the object of pilgrimages all over the Philippines. People go here to get blessings before going on a trip.

Just before leaving the area, two of our foreign friends tried our local kakanin known as Suman.

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Our 2nd Stop. Situated in Brgy Bombongan Morong Rizal, we went to U-Ugong Park (Bantayog ng Kalinangan). The park is owned by Mr. Rafael Pacheco, a locally and internationally recognized artist because of his paintings. Filipinos from various status recognize the extraordinary of “Mang Paeng” and is now considered as the Father of Bare- Hand Painting in the Philippines. When you visit the place you’ll see almost all of his artworks. During the early 60’s-early 80’s Uugong park was known for its beautiful waterfalls. It is a usual summer picnic location for families and friends. Uugong means echo, which has been derived from the loud echo or sound produced by the strong current flow of the falls. The place right now needs a lot of help. The used to be vibrant place now seems to be slowly decaying if no attention will be given soon enough. Mr Pacheco who suffered from stroke was glad enough to talk to us and showed us his artworks. He has a very good sense of humor.  It was truly an honor to meet him in person.

Mr Pacheco’s Paintings

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Around U-Ugong Park

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Somewhere in Tanay Rizal, we had a thrilling adventure to Tanay’s Calinawan Cave which is our 3rd Stop. Bust just before getting there, we had lunch at a random eatery. Our damage? Just roughly 40 pesos including a glass or two of Soda. 🙂

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Going back to Calinawan Cave, the cave is a 20 minute drive from Daranak Falls. The hill where the cave is called Rawang. which have been strong-holds of Filipino resistance fighters against colonizers. To get to Calinawan it’s better to bring your own mode of transportation or else you’ll have to endure a long walk unless you’re into it. Entrance Fee is 20 pesos per head and Guide Fee is 200 per group of 5. The entrance to the cave is a small stair-like passage going down. Along the way the guide will tell you different stories and show different rock formations. Living stalagmites and stalactites are still present in the cave which is a good sign. Several movie productions have been made in this caves making it popular to some. Along the way, a small black bird fell on the ground. According to our guide the bird produces birds nest which is used in making the famous birds nest soup. It took us roughly 30 minutes to finish the trek. The exit is grand, you will need to pass through the two big rock formations towering at around 30 feet.

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After Calinawan Cave, it was time to take a dip at Daranak Falls, our 4th Stop. Daranak Falls is located in Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, a few minutes from Tanay market. It is a government-owned park and part of the laguna watershed. Entrance fee is 20 pesos per head for adults and 15 pesos for kids. They are only open from 8AM to 5PM. To get more information, please visit my other post here. Picnic tables are available for a minimal cost. Toilets and Shower Rooms are available for just 5 pesos per use.

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What to do after? Haha. Yes! It was time to eat… Not sure yet where until we pass by this interesting restaurant along the highway. Our 5th Stop, Kata Cafe it is! It is located at Delfin Tongohan St., cor. Manila East Road, Tanay, Rizal. Surprisingly we thought food would be expensive until we saw the menu and the food was served. OMG! It was a hefty serving for a price of small serving you’ll normally get if you buy it in Metro Manila. The food was delish and I highly recommend people to go here and try their food. The place was cozy as well. Very inviting and relaxed. Nice place for a chitchat and to hangout with friends. A nice escape form hustle and bustle of the city.

After dinner, we went to Binangonan Rizal in search for a cheap place to stay overnight until we ended up staying at Eastroad Apartelle. The place is located #8 Manila East Road Calumpang Hi-Way Binangonan, Rizal. Price starts at 150 pesos. Before ending the night, we had few beers and excellently picked videoke songs.

The following day, we’re off to an early start by having a quick breakfast. We then went to our 6th Stop, Angono Petroglyphs. The Angono Petroglyphs Site Museum is situated at the municipality of Binangonan, province of Rizal, three and a half kilometers southeast of the town of Angono. The museum is open Mondays-Fridays between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It was discovered in 1965 by National Artist, Carlos “Botong” Francisco during a field trip with a troop of boy scouts. He reported to the National Museum the existence of a cave with drawings of a primitive quality. The Angono Petroglyphs date back to circa late Neolithic. They are located in the rear recess of a cave, carved in a rock formation belonging to the Pleistocene Guadalupe Formation. There are 127 figures engraved into volcanic tuff that was soft enough to be worked on by a denser piece of stone. Unlike other examples of prehistoric art, there is no indication that colors were ever incorporated in the drawings.

It was amazing to see this kind of stuff for the very first time. I wonder if there’s more like this somewhere else. Only time will tell and the question is when? Hopefully it’s not yet late for us to see it.

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After seeing Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs, it was time to go forward to our next destination. So we arrived on our 7th destination, Balaw-Balaw Restaurant & Art Gallery.  The main concept of the restaurant is to promote the culture and tradition of Angono by way of its food and arts. It is also a home to the “Higantes” the stars of the fluvial town fiesta every 23rd of November. Entrance fee to see the Art Gallery costs around 35 pesos. It might be free if you decided to eat here. Around 100 paintings of the late famous folk artist, Perdigon Vocalan are displayed in the Museum, influenced by National Artist, Carlos Botong Francisco. Vocalan’s paintings represent Angono’s rich cultural heritage and folklore. These paintings along with intricate sculptures were also inspired by Philippine Legends that are now immortalized by his works. The collection also features works by his 2 son, Rembrandt and Andre as well as other notable Filipino artists. The Museum’s design itself is a work of art with its Spanish Architecture and unmistakable Asian flare.

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Just few steps from Balaw-Balaw is the Nemiranda Art House and Atelier Cafe Restaurant, our last destination for the trip. The art gallery entrance costs around 50 pesos but is normally free for those who wish to eat here. On our way inside, one of the staff said that Nemi Miranda himself will be there. So without any second thought we decided to settle here for lunch. Nemesio R. Miranda Jr. “NEMIRANDA” was born on February 14, 1949 in Angono, Rizal, he attained his Bachelor of Fines Arts Degree at the University of Sto. Tomas. The place is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and is located at 10 Doña Elena Street, Doña Justa Village Phase 1, Barangay San Roque
Angono, Rizal.

So after seeing all the artworks, Nemi suddenly arrived and gladly accommodated us by spending 20-30 minutes of his time telling us stories, plans and developments in the world of arts, showing us his artworks and the history behind it. Wow! It was a memorable experience. He even told us that the house/art gallery itself was made of scrap wood from an old church/convent. He said he’s fond of scrap wood. He also holds art camp from time to time. A very down to earth man.

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I never thought this trip would be this much. The trip was concluded with a great meal served with fried Itik among other great varieties of local food.

This is what I love about Random Travel. You get to see places you never thought you would see and there’s a much more greater amount of appreciation. Being with people you don’t really know makes it more exciting. Everything is a surprise, a package full of unexpected things. A random trip you will truly remember. All you have to have is an open mind, welcoming aura and great appreciation of the nature and arts.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go somewhere Random with no plans, just go! You’ll not only learn more about yourself, you’ll learn more about the place that surrounds you. 🙂

Happy Travels!

Bicol Trip: After Calaguas & Before Mt Isarog

No plans, No nothing. The title says it all. Given 5 days without any specific plan this was how our trip went whilst in Bicol. Random Visit to friends and family.

Daet – Naga – Matacon – Legaspi – Rangas – Legaspi – Matacon – Naga

So after Calaguas. Tired and sticky, we went straight to Malayan Tourist Inn for a quick shower. To no avail, all shower rooms are being used and we badly needed to take a shower with so little time left for us to catch the last trip to Daet via UV Express. Ate Karina of Malayan Tourist Inn offered to bring us to their house to get a shower. Her daughter hurriedly took the motorcycle and assisted us all the way. It only took us roughly 5 minutes to finish. It was quickest shower we’ve had. ☺

Back in the Inn located right in front of the terminal, we found out that the last trip just left. No way!!! Good thing Ate Karina gave us an alternative option to get to Daet.

Luck was still on our side when another passenger going to Daet asked us to go with him and share the fare expenses. We rented a tricycle for 250 pesos to get to Talobatib. It was roughly a 30-minute ride. At Talobatib, we tried waited for a Daet bound bus until we’ve decided to have dinner at a local diner, Paksiwan Sa Centro. We were halfway through finishing our food when a bus arrived. We decided to catch the next one but after almost an hour, no bus seems be stopping anymore.

Not taking any chances, we took another tricycle ride to get to Labo together with 7 other passenger and paid 20 pesos per head. I literally rode at the back side of the tricycle standing all the way holding my big backpack. Nice! It was a 15-minute chilly ride to get to the van terminal (UV Express) at Labo right beside a drugstore. We paid 25 pesos each to get to Daet which only took 20 minutes.

We stayed for a night at friends house. I also had the chance to see my god daughter. Cute!

We had few drinks and lots of catching up.

The following day after leaving my friend’s house and before heading further south, since my Lola who’s in the hospital wanted a Formosa Pineapple, we went to the Public Market and bought 5 pieces of Pineapple. It costs 20 pesos per piece. Tricycle fare costs 10 pesos
per head.

We then rode a tricycle again going to Daet Central Terminal to catch a van going to Naga. Tricycle fare from the Public Market to the Central Terminal costs 25 pesos. Van Fare via UV Express from Daet to Naga costs 180 pesos per head. We left Daet at around 3PM and arrived 2.5 hours after. Not that sleepy, I think I played Candy Crush all throughout the trip whilst my girlfriend was sleeping. Haha.

Before catching a bus bound for Legaspi, we had some few snacks. We then checked the departure times of buses leaving for Legaspi, Last trip is 6PM so instead of going around, we hopped on the bus to secure a good seat. We paid 70 pesos and asked the despatcher to stop at Matacon Centro. It was roughly an hour and a half ride.

We’ve decided to visit my Lolo and my cousins on my mom’s side. My uncle picked us up and much to our surprise everyone was like anticipating our arrival. It was nice seeing them all again. An endless conversation talking about anything under the sun.

Since we’ve spent so much time on the road, a much needed sleep was all we wanted. We slept for a good 10 hours. We had late breakfast and off we left again for another long trip to see my father’s hometown. It’s been 10 years since the last time I visited the place.

Just before we left, my Lolo required us to have lunch first. After lunch, we then walked along the Old PNR Railway going to the highway to get a bus going to Legaspi.

After 30 minutes of waiting, that’s 1230PM, a bus came. It was slow a 2-hour ride. It would normally take only an hour if you take a van via UV express. At Legaspi Central Terminal, we took a van instead of a bus going to Rangas Juban via Bulan to cut our travel time. Fare costs 150 pesos.

From Legaspi Grand Terminal anyone can pretty much go anywhere in Bicol wih lots of option to choose from. Either via Van, Bus or Jeepney. Savemore Supermarket is situated right next to the van terminal for anyone who wants to do last minute grocery or simply grab a food before heading anywhere.

We left Legaspi at around 3PM and arrived at Rangas 2 hours after. It was drizzling when we arrived. It was like Dejavu. We walked along the road as if we perfectly know where we’re going. We stopped for a quick bite of street food then my cousin saw us  and assisted us to get to my Aunt’s house and Lolo’s house.

My Lolo barely recognised me. He’s already 83 years old and is hard of hearing. I mentioned my Dad’s name then he smiled. It was seeing him again.

It was time for dinner so we went to my Aunt’s house. The rain continued…
We wanted to visit my Lola who’s in the Irosin District Hospital so despite the rain we asked if we could rent a tricycle going there. Whilst waiting, we watched a local news. My girlfriend was amazed by the fact that she’s watching a news in a local dialect she could barely understand. Not my first and I kind of like hearing it though I don’t have full knowledge of the dialect.

At around 8PM, we rode a tricycle to get to the hospital to finally see my Lola. It took us around 30 minutes to get there but it was well worth it. She took care of me since I was a kid and I couldn’t afford not to visit her given the fact that I was in Bicol. She was a bit sleepy when we came but got fueled up when we gave her the Formosa Pineapple she’s been craving for. She’s a fighter.

After almost an hour, we left. It was really cold as the rain continued all through the night. We slept early so we could leave early the following day. We managed to get the number of one of the van driver going to Legaspi who leaves Bulan at 6AM but failed to wake up early enough. The bed weather made as lazy to even grab a coffee. ☺

We failed to take a shower as well because it was so cold. Haha..

Just outside the house, Mt Bulusan can be seen. It’s an active volcano which I also plan to hike soon. It’s so near yet so far.

We started waiting for a ride back to Legaspi at 8AM but only able to get a bus after an hour via Queens. Fare costs 130 pesos.

It was 11AM when we reached Legaspi Central Terminal. As always even from the last time I was here, you’ll have a panoramic view of the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Minimum tricycle fare to get around downtown would cost you around 10 pesos per head. Fare cost may also vary depending on your destination.

We were suppose to stay here overnight but my girlfirend needed to catch a bus trip to Manila in the evening to attend to an important matter the following day. Not to waste time, we went straight to Embarcadero to grab some souvenir shirts at Bicol Shirt City and have lunch at Bigg’s Diner. We had Tuna Salpicao, Cajun Chicken and Porkchop with Laing. Yum!

My shoe needed some reinforcement for Mt Isarog climb so after lunch we looked for a repair shop stand. I was able to find one across LCC mall and paid 100 pesos. Not bad for quick fix. ☺

We wanted to look around and have a massge but since we lack time, we decided to just get a tricycle to get to the terminal. We did a quick stop at Savemore Supermarket to buy food for dinner then took a van going to Matacon (My Mom’s Hometown) via Iriga. The van left 4PM and arrived at Matacon an hour after. Fare costs 80 pesos (10 pesos higher than bus fare, half the time it will take you if you take bus).

My girlfriend prepared Chicken Afritada and Adobo for dinner while I packed her stuff. We had an early dinner for a better chance of getting a good seat for her going to Manila. After we left to bring her to the terminal, just few minutes after, a DLTB Cubao bound bus stopped. She didn’t want to leave and she was supposed to join the Mt Isarog Climb but had to go for something more important. It cost her 650 pesos. (Fare can range from 550-800 via AC Bus & 300-400 via Ordinary Bus)

Upon my return at my Lolo’s house, I slept early. Since they’ve got no TV and I am too lazy to go to my Uncle’s house, I decided to call it a day.

 Potable Water at My Lolo’s House

 Dirty Kitchen

The following day, after breakfast, I packed my things and prepped up before saying goodbye to everyone. I left for Naga just before lunchtime. Fare costs 70 pesos and it took me 2 hours to get to Naga Bus Terminal.

From the bus terminal, I walked for about 30 minutes just trying to look for Sampaguita Inn. I walked going to the right coming from SM Naga only to find out it was on the opposite direction. So I walked back passing SM Naga and the bridge. Just after the bridge you’ll see on your right the Sampaguita and Sunny View Hotel. I wanted to call Sampaguita Inn first to check availability but no one seems to be answering the phone so I took the chance of going there directly. To no avail, the cheapest rooms are all booked. I then went to Sunny View to check and it was the same. Both still have Single AC room and Sunny offers the cheapest at 450 pesos a night so I took it. It was a good deal! AC, Cable TV and Hot & Cold Shower.

After check-in, I rested for few minutes then went to SM Naga to have some coffee. I noticed this fancy little coffee/cake shop called Rafabels on the west side of the mall and decided to grab one. The price was unimaginably low compared to most coffee shops you’ll find in Metro Manila. A good slice of Chocolate Cake and a cup of Cappuccino all under 150 pesos? Definitely a treat!

After coffee, I decided to try the Aloha Burger from Jollibee before heading back to the hotel. It was also great! Yum! It was time for me to rest for an early start the following day.

5 days just passed. It’s time for me to rest and prepare for an arduous climb going to Mt Isarog.

Check my next entry featuring my Mt Isarog Hike.

Top 10 Chinatown Restaurants

Been to Chinatown several times but I’ve only tried 4 out of the 10 restaurants listed here. Will try the rest on my next visit on this side of Manila. 🙂



Random Top 10's


Okay, so you’re hankering for some food tonight but you don’t know what to eat. Fastfood delivery seems greasy while Filipino foods have been plaguing your taste buds since forever. Say you find yourself in a mysterious land inside the Capital of the Philippines, you see signs that are alien to you and you see people that may or may not look like you and don’t speak your language. Well, I’ve got news for you, you’re in Chinatown! While you’re at it, why don’t you try what our Chinese brethren who have been with us for hundreds of years has to offer? In this blog post, you’ll find our top 10 list of Restaurants that can offer your Authentic Chinese dishes just as if you’re in China — No kidding! Go beyond your Chowking habit and see the real deal after the break.


10. Wai Ying Fastfood

There are two…

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Subic Bay Trip

Quick Trip to Subic

Date: May 05, 2013
Location: Halfmoon Beach Resort, Subic Bay


Travelling by Land from Manila
Subic Bay Freeport Zone is 110 kms. North of Manila, the Philippines’ capital city, where Saulog Transit and Victory Liner air-conditioned buses provide passengers regular transport services to and from Olongapo City terminal. A short jeepney ride takes you from the Victory Liner terminal to the Freeport, while Saulog Transit terminal is just a stone’s throw away from the vicinity.

Travel via Victory Liner Terminal
Main stations from Manila are Pasay (Edsa, Pasay), Caloocan (713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City) and Cubao (EDSA, Cubao). Buses’ schedule (either Zambales or Olongapo) is from 4:00 AM with 1 hour interval.

Travelling by car via Lubao and rural road (Approx. time of travel: 3 hours)
From Manila take the North Luzon Expressway all the way to San Fernando exit and pass thru towns of Pampanga (Bacolor, Guagua, Lubao) and Bataan (Dinalupihan) to the Subic Bay Freeport Expressway (Tipo Road, Bataan).

Travelling by car via SCTEx (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) (Approx. time of travel: 1.5 hours)
From Manila and any point in Luzon. Take the North Luzon Expressway all the way pass San Fernando through Dau and exits to the Subic Bay Freeport Expressway (Tipo Road, Bataan).

(Source of above information: subic.com)

Of the many options we had when we came here few months ago, we chose Halfmoon Beach Resort. It is roughly an eight (8) hectare beach property formerly known as Kale Beach Resort. With its long stretch sand and 30 big big cottages, is a perfect place for total escape from crowded and spoiled beaches. This place is also perfect for team building.

Purok 6 National High Way Road
Lower Kalaklan
Olongapo City Zambales 2200 Philippines

Hours of operation:

Tuesdays to Sundays :
6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Mobile number : +639334100455


Getting inked by the last Kalinga tattoo artist

Next on my Bucket List… Who wants to join me?

The Boho Travels

Fang-od, herself, prepared what she would be using for the tattooing session – a small piece of metal for drawing, charcoal, a thorn, a stick where the thorn would be attached, another stick that would be used to support embedding the tattoo on the skin, and two stools where she and Tara would be sitting on.

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Boracay: Ariel’s Point + Sunset + Calamansi Muffin

On our third day, we woke at around 10 to prepare for Ariel’s Point adventure. Call time was 1130AM but we arrived 45 minutes early. Meet up point was right in front of Boracay Beach Club.

After giving the full payment for the trip and a short briefing we’re all set.

We walked few meters from the shore going to where the boat was anchored. We’ve not yet started but we’re all soaking wet already as the boat was anchored quite far from the shore. Haha!

We left quarter to 12 and as soon as the engine started they started giving drinks to everyone. I asked for Red Horse. Yeah! After a calm and scenic ride, we finally reached Ariel’s Point. Ariel’s Point is part of Buruanga.

They are famous for Cliff Diving. A lot of local and foreign tourists go here to experience the fun and excitement of jumping off the cliff as high as 15 meters. If you are not into cliff diving, you can simply drink and eat or do snorkeling or canoeing. To ensure the safety of some who are not swimmers, you can ask them to wait for you at the bottom to get you or give you something to hold on after you jump.

In the island we immediately looked for a spot to stay and put all our stuff. Having no courage to cliff dive yet, we did canoeing first then I had a couple of drinks (rum coke and red horse) until lunch was served at around 2PM.

After lunch, I dozed off quite long not even realizing it. Good thing they woke us up with only an hour left. I had a couple more drinks but it didn’t really help me to get the courage I need to jump off the cliff. Aside from the fact that I am scared of deep water and I am not good in threading added more to the fear. I felt like a loser! L My girlfriend wanted to snorkel so I accompanied her instead. There were loads of blue star fish everywhere. I know I will jump the next time I visit Ariel’s Point. This is now on my Bucket List.

4PM, it was time to leave. My unfinished business here will definitely be the reason why I would go back.

On our way back, we chose the front seat for a better view of the sea and yes it did offer a great view but the strong waves showered us non-stop with sea water. It was exciting and scary as hell. I have no picture to show you as we secured all our cameras from getting wet. While in the boat, the party continued as everyone consumed all booze that was left.

Thank God, we all arrived in safety. We all went straight to our hotel to freshen up. Stella arranged a special dinner for us right in front of the beach. Wow! She prepared Chicken TinolaFried Tilapia, Grilled Eggplant and three different kinds of fruits. We had dinner at around 7PM.

Some of us went out to party again but my girlfriend and I decided to just hangout near the beach.

The following day, one of us left early to catch her flight back to Manila. Since we slept late last night, we all woke really late just in time for lunch. We went to Shakey’s and ordered Mojo’s, Chicken and Pasta for Lunch. Yum!

After lunch, we sunbathed and just stayed at the beach area.

Just before sunset, we went to Starbucks barefooted to get some coffee.

Sunset viewing is really one of the things I enjoy doing. Look at the image below. Isn’t amazing?

Just before going back at the hotel, we decided to walk along the shore again.

After the experience we had here in Boracay, my girlfriend wants to make it a habit of going here at least once a year. The tentative plan is to go here by June or November 2013.

For dinner, we all agreed to have dinner at Andok’s. We ordered Sinigang na Baboy and Liempo. Still feeling a bit full, I only had the soup of Sinigang. After dinner, my bestfriend decided to sleep early because of their early flight the next day. My girlfriend and I arrived here ahead of them and we’ll also be the last to leave. Haha! With no plan of sleeping yet, Debbie, our guest from CS, wanted to go out so we went for a walk and looked for a grill and tried different kinds of barbecue. A friend also wanted to have a drink so after meeting her up; we went for a stroll at around 12AM and looked for a place to drink. I think we reached as far as Station 3 in search for a place to hangout. While having a drink, we saw a couple playing Poi and then later did something fishy. Several people tried to stop them but they just kept on doing it, enjoying the attention they’re getting. Haha!

It rained, so we decided to head back to our hotel and call it a day.

On our last day, it’s just the two of us again. We were suppose to wake up early and have breakfast at Real Coffee but failed to make it happen. After last-minute packing and shower, we went straight to Real Coffee still but only to get the Famous Calamansi Muffin. It’s a MUST TRY!!! It’s Delish! J

Updated – Real Coffee is now located near Shenna’s Beach Resort. 

After getting the muffin, we hurriedly walk going to the main road and took a tricycle going to the port. From the port, we paid for the terminal fee and boat fare. We then took a van going to Kalibo Airport. Good thing we’re early for the flight so we had an ample time to check-in. We stayed in the boarding area for almost 2 hours because our flight was delayed. It was almost 1PM when we finally get the chance to board.

Click here to view the Full 5 Day Itinerary

Note: If you need help in Boracay, you may reach Stella at +63920 896 2264

Coron Day 4: Interesting Finds

Oh-Em-Gee! Indeed! Time flies when you’re having fun. If we can only stay for couple more days…

Since we got an extra day but not enough to go for another tour, we decided to hit the town for another look. As usual, we woke early and had another complimentary coffee from the lodge before going to the town for a nice breakfast. We went back to FoodTrip for the All Time Favourite Tapsi (a common filipino type of breakfast) wherein I had Tapsilog (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog) and my girlfriend had Dangsilog (Danggit-Sinangag-Itlog). 

Breakfast At FoodTrip

To get there, just take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you there if you’re not staying in the main town area. Fare is just 10 pesos per person. If you are staying in the main town area, it will only take few minutes to get there if you walk. It’s close to the tourism center.


After breakfast, we went for a walk and visited San Agustin Church.

San Agustin Church

In front of the church is where you can also see the Kilometer Zero Marker of the town.

Kilometer 0

Just few minutes after we took a tricycle going back to Rudy’s Lodge for a quick shower. Fare is 10 pesos per head via tricycle.

Rudy\'s Place Lodge Entrance

At around 10AM, we went back to town to get some keepsakes and delicacies. We didn’t pay extra for the transportation as it was part of the package we paid on our first day. Our first stop was Coron Harvest.

Where the Famous Cashew comes from

They are famous for their Cashew. They’ve been featured in the Living Asia Channel too. Cool! They have different varieties like sun dried cashew, brittle cashew and toasted cashew. I specially like the toasted cashew. Yum!

Cashew anyone?

After buying several packs of cashew and getting free tastes, we went to a famous store for dried fish. It’s located across the road facing the Port Gate of Coron. You can choose from different varieties of fishes (big and small) as well as dried squids. Don’t forget to haggle if you’re buying in bulk. Good thing my girlfriend is an expert. 🙂

Port Gate

Buying Dried Fish

Dried Fish

After getting sun-dried fish, we went to Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop.

Famous Souvenir Shop

We bought several keepsakes like earrings, anklets, bracelets, key chains and ref magnets.

Keepsakes for Our Love Ones

They also sell shirts for all ages and in different sizes.

Coron Souvenir Gift Shop

Around past 11AM, we’re back at the lodge to pack our things up. We then paid our room before check-out. For ease and to avoid delay, we’ve arranged with our tour operator to get a van that will pick us up from the lodge and bring us to the airport. We were picked up past 1PM and arrive in the airport 140PM.

Busuanga Airport - Most Efficient Airport Ever

This airport (Francisco B Reyes Airport) I must say is the Most Efficient Airport ever. Would you believe that we’re able to check-in and finish all security checks in just 5 minutes? Wow!

Busuanga Airport - Most Efficient Airport Ever

Having plenty of time to waste, we asked the airport security if we can go out to have lunch and they said it’s okay so we did. We had lunch at Real Eatery. One of the staff even said that famous people of Coron eat there as well. The place is clean too.

Lunch At Real Eatery

Lunch At Real Eatery

I ordered Bicol Express (a spicy dish with pork in coconut milk) and my girlfriend Pork Adobo (a famous filipino dish cooked in soy sauce and vinegar). In fairness, they taste great! Yum! The price is not bad as well. My girlfriend got herself a soda while I had coffee. In total, the damage was just 155 pesos. 🙂

Lunch At Real EateryLunch At Real Eatery

After lunch, we decided to go back to the terminal and just wait for our flight in the boarding area.

Waiting For Our Delayed Flight Back To Manila

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed. The delay was almost an hour and the area became crowded with anxious passengers. I can’t even remember the time we left.

Plane To Manila

So finally when we arrived in NAIA Terminal 3, we were suppose to get the bus going to MRT as we normally do however we saw this small paper taped…

Wrong Move!

Like everyone else, we were all surprised and wondered why. When we asked the driver/conductor, all they said was ” we no longer offer that route, if you don’t want to ride the bus, get a taxi”. I found it so unprofessional. They gave us another option though, they dropped us off near a gas station where we could get a jeepney going to Baclaran. Instead of riding a jeep, we took a cab going to Makati.

Note: See the below link for guide if commuting via NAIA Bus from MRT/LRT To T-3 & Vice Versa.


You may also want to refer to the below link for the latest update about NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus.


Here’s the rundown of our expenses for the day:

P20      Tricycle Fare for 2 (Lodge-Town)
P180    Breakfast at FoodTrip
P20      Tricycle Fare for 2 (Town-Lodge)
P300   Cashew
P335    Dried Fish
P270   Souvenir
P1500 Lodge (4Days 3 Nights)
P300   Van to Airport (For 2)
P40      Coron Airport Terminal Fee for 2
P155    Lunch at Real Eatery
P3120  Total Expenses for Day 4

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An Island “Nearer” & “Better” than BORACAY?!

Interesting read…

This will definitely be on my list!

Why Better?!?

  • Has its own Airport
  • Bigger than Boracay. It has 1600 hectares to 1024 hectares of Boracay.
  • Boracay has one beach. Calicoan has two, one facing Pacific Ocean and the other facing Leyte Gulf
  • More here.. An island nearer and better than Boracay.

Calicoan Island


Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words

I don’t know where to start..

Staring on the screen with jumbled thoughts and unclear beginning and ending..

So many things to do with so little time..

Is this what I want?

Is this what I like?

Am I to give up something just to get it right?

Should I start now or sleep and think of it again and see if things will be the same again..

Memories fading out..