G2 Traverse (Guiting Guiting)


Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Major Jump-off: Brgy. Tampayan, Madgiwang, Sibuyan
LLA: 12°24’50″N, 122°34’4″E, 2058 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 3 days / 10-13 hours
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 9/9, Trail Class 5 with rock climbing/scrambling

Contact Remy Robiso – 0921-732-2462


DAY 1 Manila Departure

01:00pm – Meeting place Batangas Pier. Last Minute preparation.
05:00pm – ETD Batangas for Romblon. Prepare for a 17 hour trip via MV Reina del Rosario

DAY 2 Arrival to Sibuyan and Sidetrips

07:00am – ETA Romblon Port
10:00am – ETA Ambulong Port via MV Querubin
11:00am – Meet Sir Remy Robiso
12:00pm – ETD for Brgy. Espana, San Fernando via Chartered Jeepney
01:00pm – ETA Brgy. Espana at Sir Remy’s House
02:00pm – Sidetrips. Lagting Falls, Cantingas Dive, MV Princess of the Stars
05:00pm – Overnight at Sir Remy’s place.

DAY 3 Climb Proper Assault to Camp 3

04:00am – Wake-up Call, fix things/final preparation, breakfast
06:00am – Start Trek (wide trail, level trekking)
07:30am – ETA Olango River, last water source on trail (next water source at Olango’s Camp 3)
07:45am – Start of forest line (assault with bouldering/semi-rock-climbing)
09:30am – ETA Olango’s Camp 1
09:35am – Ascend to Camp 2 via the Newly opened Outdoor Pilipinas Trail Location: N12.40790 E122.55009 986 MASL to N12.41105 E122.55836 1322MASL (steep with mini 60-80 degrees knife-edge ridges)
12:30pm – ETA Olango’s Camp 2, lunch
01:30pm – Resume assault to Olango’s Camp 3 (mild assault, less boulders/obstacle courses)
02:00pm – ETA open ridge trail, with boulders
02:30pm – ETA Helipad, resume assault
03:00pm – Start of Olango Knife-Edge Ridge(parallel to Southern Ridge of Mayo’s Peak)
03:30pm – End of Knife-Edged Ridge, steep/final assault to Olango’s Camp 3
04:00pm – ETA Camp3 (limited camping space), water source at RemVal’s Spring 45 mins (one way) from Camp 3(c/o guides/porters),
04:00 pm onwards – pitch tents, dinner, socials, lights off

DAY 4 Assault to G2 Summit

05:00am – Wake Up Call, breakfast, break camp, reload ample water for trail water and cooking (RemVal’s spring is the last water source before Mabel’s and Bulod’s Springs on the traditional trail)
07:00am – Start Assault, open grasslands, with “kiss the wall” parts, boulders, mini-rock climbing
09:30am – ETA Crash Site
11:00am – ETA RemValdely’s Peak, lunch
12:30pm – Resume trek, rolling terrain, all bouldering, with mini-knife-eged ridges
03:00pm – ETA G2 Summit, with very limited camping space, no water source Location: N12.41632 E122.568740
3:00pm – onwards – pitch tents, dinner, socials, lights off

DAY 5 Descent to Magdiwang via Traditional Trail

04:00am – Wake Up Call, breakfast, break camp
07:00am – Start Descent on Traditional Trail, all via reverse rock climbing
07:30am – ETA 90 degrees wall
08:30am – ETA Peak of Deception
10:00am – ETA Mabel’s Spring, water is available only if it rained in the previous days
10:15am – Resume trek, bouldering, will pass by “kiss the wall”
11:00am – Start of Knife-edged Ridge (slightly wide with mini-forest vs. misconception that it’s extremely narrow), rolling terrain, bouldering
01:00pm – ETA Mayo’s Peak, may have brief rest here or lunch, depending on actual ETA
01:30pm – ETA Bulod’s Spring, lunch
02:30pm – Resume descent, regular forest trail
02:45pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 3
04:00pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 2
05:00pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 1
06:00pm – Out of forest trail, level trekking with river crossing
08:00pm – ETA DENR Tampayan, Magdiwang, Location N12.48268 E122.54974
09:00pm – Post Climb at resort in Magdiwang

DAY 6 Departure from Sibuyan to Batangas

05:00am – Wake Up call
06:00am – Quick breakfast
10:00am – ETD for Romblon, Romblon via MV Querubin
12:30pm – ETD Batangas Pier via MV Reina del Rosario

DAY 7 Manila Return

03:00am – ETA Batangas Pier
05:00am – ETA Manila


Individual Costs

150 – Manila to Batangas Pier Fare
620 – Batangas Pier to Romblon Port Fare via MV Reina del Rosario
265 – Romblon Port to Ambulong Port Fare via MV Querubin
150 – Ambulong Port to Brgy Espana Fare
150 – Brgy Espana to Sidetrips Fare Chartered Jeep
5 – Entrance to Cantigas River Resort
200 – DENR Permit
50 – Trasnsportation from DENR Exit point to Toto Tansiongco’s House via Tricycle
120 – Food for guides and the group after the climb at Tansiongco’s House
30 – Transportation from Sanctuary Garden to Ambulong Port
850 – Ambulong to Batangas Pier via MV Querubin and MV Reina del Rosari
150 – Batangas Pier to Manila Fare

Optional Costs

100 – Liquor on Ship
100 – Liquor on climb
160 – Dinner at MV Reina del Rosario (2 way)
80 – Breakfast at Batangas Pier (last day)
150 – Room accomodation at Sanctuary Garden after the climb
50 – Tent Fee at Sanctuary Garden

Group Costs (10 Climbers and 5 guides)

678 – Food for Guides
30 Delata
490 – 7 Salop of Rice 1 Salop:2.25 KG
174 – 3 Liters Premium Gas for Multifuel Stoves
285 – 1.5 KG Pork, Sili, Salt, Camote, Cooking Oil for dinner on climber proper
1000 – courtesy payment for accomodation, fish, rice, coffee, etc provided by the Robiso Family before the climb proper
600 – 6 piece butane for backup
800 – Transportation of guides back to San Fernando
7500 – Guide and Porter Fee (1500 x 5 guides)


The G2 climbing season is from March-mid May, although it is still possible to visit G2 throughout the year. However, by June, the rainy season sets in and the wind changes direction, making passage across the Knife Edge and beyond very precarious. Chances of summitting are thus very limited. The only disadvantage is that during peak season (Holy Week and surrounding weeks) the campsite may be crowded. After all Mayo’s Peak is not a very large campsite.

The key contact person in G2 is Sir Molvin Rocero, the Park Superintendent. His cellphone number is +639185269354. It is better if you call him and inquire about number of climbers on that day, as well as weather conditions. Registration fee is P200/person – this includes climb certificate and a Tagalog-language booklet. Guides and porters are given P350/day.

Transportation is a high logistical concern, and you will have to have contingency plans. MBRS Lines leaves every Monday 5pm from Manila North Harbor; Super Ferry also runs a weekly service. The most regular is the daily departure from Batangas Pier c/o Montenegro Lines, leaving daily at 1700H (i.e. M/V Princess Anavelle). A trip that connects directly to Magdiwang Port, however, is assured only during Thursday. Another possibility is taking the Lucena port, where there is also a weekly service to Magdiwang.

On the way back, the surest and most constant way is the Magdiwang-San Agustin-Odiongan-Batangas Pier route which is serviced daily, with the following departure times: ferry leaves . However, there is also a Sunday 10 AM departure directly from Magdiwang to Batangas Pier; and Monday 10 AM directly to Lucena. These schedules are by no means constant and the best thing to do is get the PASU’s advice also as regards transportation. Montenegro Lines may be reached at +63437238294 and MBRS at +63274491661.

Facilities in the Guiting-Guiting National Park include guesthouses which have restrooms/ shower rooms with running water and electricity. The rivers before Camp 1 are very clean and you can take a refreshing dip there before heading back to the park.

Cellphone signal is present in the Park Center but sporadic even in the high elevations. However, it is present in Mayo’s Peak. SMART is said to have the stronger signal.

Campsites available include the Camps 1-3, although these are small. Mayo’s Peak can conveniently accommodate up to 40-50 climbers; the largest group that climbed G2 numbered more than 100.

A nice postclimb resthouse is Bagumbayan Beach Resort in Magdiwang. Accommodation is P150/person in comfortable rooms with bathrooms. The beach is also excellent, affording views of G2.

Health and Safety
The dangers of G2 are well-known, and precautions must be done. Weather conditions of concern include strong winds, which may lead to hypothermia, and prolonged exposure to the sun which coupled with the difficulty of the summit assault may take its toll on climbers. Then there is a risk of slips and falls, made more real by the reported deaths of four mountaineers in 1985. Although in the past decade G2 has been accident-free, vigilance and compliance to the rules is strongly advocated. Gloves are recommended during the summit assault; sunblock must be worn and the choice of clothing must afford flexibility to the climber. In case utmost emergency, quickly contact the DENR-PASU.

Water is scarce in Mabel’s spring and at least 3-4 L of trail water is recommended when doing the summit assault, especially during the high summer months.

Aside from the summit assault, the trail to Mayo’s Peak is generally safe. Just beware of the scorpions who like to enter the tents: the first aid is just washing the wound by soap and water; these scorpions would only cause mild to moderate irritation and pain. Limatik (blood leeches) are also present around the Camp 3 area, but they are not as aggressive.

Technical notesThe special factor in G2 is the summit assault in which your guides will have to determine whether it is still advisable to proceed, given the weather conditions as well as the physical condition of the climbers. It is better to endorse your itinerary to the guide, and also let him know if any climber needs particular attention/support so he can also prepare accordingly.

If not all members of a team are confident and prepared for the summit, they can stay at Mayo’s Peak . At 1550 MASL, this peak already affords breathtaking views of the mountain, the island, and the sea.

***Extracted from Relax Extremely Daring Mountaineers Archives


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