Bakun Trio


Note that you are free to choose whichever mountain you want to do first. If with uncertain weather, it is best to prioritize the more difficult and more popular Mt. Tenglawan, followed by Kabunian and Lobo.

(A) Lobo – Kabunian – Tenglawan Traverse

DAY 00
08:00 pm Assembly (Bus Terminal)
09:00 pm ETD for Baguio

DAY 01
03:00 am ETA Baguio
09:00 am ETA Bakun, Benguet / Register / AM Snack
10:00 am Start Climb Mt. Lobo
02:00 pm ETA Summit Mt. Lobo
02:30 pm Start Descent
06:00 pm ETA Barangay Hall
07:00 pm Dinner
09:00 pm Lights out

DAY 02
05:00 am Wake up Call
0600 am Breakfast / Prepare for climb
07:00 am Start Climb Mt. Kabunian
11:00 am ETA Summit of Mt. Kabunian / Early Lunch
12:00 pm Start Descent
04:00 pm ETA Barangay Hall

DAY 03
05:00 am Wake up Call
0600 am Breakfast / Prepare for climb
07:00 am Start Climb Mt. Tenglawan
11:00 am ETA Summit of Mt. Tenglawan / Early Lunch
12:00 pm Start Descent
04:00 pm ETA Barangay Hall

(B) Tenglawan – Kabunian Traverse

Day 01
9:00 pm Assembly at Victory Liner Cubao
10:00 pm ETD going to Baguio

Day 02
4:00 am ETA Victory Liner Baguio, Assembly time, Breakfast, Preparation for departure, Gear check
5:00 am ETD going to Sinacbat, Bakun, Benguet
11:00 am Lunch en Route
1:00 pm ETA Sitio Sinacbat, Registration, Secure a local guide because its mandatory and we will be subjected for a guide fee. (Negotiate to the locals) unlike in Poblacion no need of Registration Fee
1:30 pm ETD Barangay Luponan (Jump Off) Mt. Tenglawan. Preparation of packs.
2:00 pm Start trek.
4:00 pm Last water source (No water source at Summit) Get sufficient water supplies for the duration of Trek and for Dinner, Breakfast and for the morning trek up to the Hydro Plant.
6:00 pm ETA Mt. Tenglawan (Summit Camp) Dinner, Socials, (Caution at summit due to very limited space)
9:00 pm Lights out

Day 03
5:00 am Wakeup Call
6:00 am Breakfast
7:00 am Start Trek
12:00 noon Lunch en route
1:00 pm ETA Hydro Power Plant
3:00 pm ETD to Mt. Kabunian
6:00 pm ETA Doligen Landmark (Bridge) Prepare Headlamps.
8:00 pm ETA Basecamp Waiting Shed Watersource. Dinner, Socials

Day 04
4:00 am Wake up Call
5:00 am Assault to Summit
6:30 am ETA Mt Kabunian Summit
7:30 am Head back to Base Camp
8:00 am Breakfast, Preparation for Sitio Poblacion
9:00 am ETD Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet
12:00 noon Lunch en route
2:00 pm ETA Poblacion, Wait for jeepney
4:00 pm ETD to Baguio City
10:00 pm ETA Baguio City, Take Bus going to Manila


Fees: (Subject to Changes)
Registration Brgy.: Php 100 per head
Estimated Local Guide Fee: Php 100 per head
Estimated Rent of Jeep: Php 9,000 per trip
Guideship Php 350 per head
Lodging Fee: Php 70-100 per head

There is a daily bus trip going to Bakun, stationed at Kilometer 5 (KM5) Petron Gas station in front of Jollibee at La Trinidad, Benguet. From Victory Liner, you can get a cab going there. Cab fare is roughly Php 70 and the bus fare to Bakun is Php 165-Php 170. Bus leaves at 7AM but be sure to be there as early as 6AM to reserve a good seat. Travel Time takes 6 – 10 Hours so please make allowances on your itinerary accordingly. There is also a daily bus trip from Poblacion to La Trinidad KM5 which leaves at 7am.

Poblacion, Bakun Baranggay Hall:
They offer a room for stay-in visitors. The place is well kept, there are plenty of stores outside where you can buy your basic needs. The people are very accomodating.

Contact numbers:
Brgy. Capt. Lambert Tabao-Ec +63 920-276-1121
Mr. Arthur Tolito, Bakun Tourism Officer- +63 915-570-2064

Please inform the Brgy. of your intention to stay beforehand. There is no Globe signal in Poblacion, Smart is advisable. Cellphone signals are present on all three peaks, but are intermittent on the trails.

*Observe BMC… Please put all candy wrapper/chocolate wrapper/cigarette butt in your packet during trek… LEAVE NO TRACE!

***Extracted from Relax Extremely Daring Mountaineers Archives


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