Cebu Day 4: Virgin Island

Our last day here in Cebu. Had to squeeze in a quick tour of Virgin Island before leaving Bantayan.

By the way, Virgin Island is also known as Silion Island, a privately owned island.

The night before, we asked one of the resort staff to prepare breakfast for us early the next day and have it ready by 630 am as we have booked for a private boat for us at 7 am. They were able deliver as promised. Thumbs Up!

We were able to have breakfast on time and left the resort at exactly 7 am. We also rented snorkeling gears and stayed in the Island for about 3 hours or so. Time flew so fast that we didn’t even realise it. We wanted to stay longer but couldn’t. Clear blue sky, sparkling blue waters, colorful fishes near the shore, quiet surrounding, peace and tranquility all joined. Life is Good!

We were back in the resort at around 1045 and tidied up then had our lunch. We started packing our things right after lunch to prepare for check out just in time to catch the 1230 boat to Hagnaya. Luckily we’re just in time.

After an hour and a half of boat ride, we finally reached Hagnaya and immediately took a bus going to Cebu.

We arrived in Cebu after exactly 3 hours and 15 mins of bus ride and took a cab going to SM Cebu to get some stuff and withdraw some cash.

Unfortunately, my bank was Offline and unable to dispense cash and my girlfriend only got few cash left. She also failed to bring her other cash card. Since the money that we have left would only be enough to cover for a cab ride going to the Airport, Terminal Fee and few snacks, we decided not to buy anything anymore. Loser!

It was 6 pm when we decided to just leave and go straight to the airport and look for options. Luckily a friend rescued us and agreed to send us money where in we promised to pay once we’re back in Manila. Thank God! What a relief! Whew! We checked in 645 pm and left Cebu 815 pm.

It was 920 pm when we arrived in Manila. We immediately hailed a cab to get the money (We have nothing left this time) then asked the driver to bring us then to Tomas Morato (Quezon City) where we had dinner. We ended up in Mang Inasal to satisfy our craving for chicken.

It was an adventure even up to the last-minute of the trip. Another memorable one for me.

Lesson learned: Don’t rely on your cash card, always bring cash. Haha!

After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf House for a coffee before going back home as the last stop. A good way to end the day after the mishaps. ūüôā

Here’s the rundown of expenses for this day:

Php 1000.00 – Private Boat to Virgin Island
Php 150.00 – Snorkeling Gears Rental for 2
Php 2690.00 – Hotel Room + Incidental Charges
Php 300.00 – Motorbike Full Payment + Tip
Php 20.00 – Sta Fe Terminal Fee for 2
Php 340.00 – Boat Fare going to Hagnaya Port for 2
Php 300.00 – Bus Fare going to Cebu for 2
Php 70.00 – Taxi Fare from North Bus Terminal to SM Cebu
Php 170.00 – Taxi Fare from SM Cebu to Airport
Php 400.00 – Airport Terminal Fee for 2
Php 55.00 – Snacks
Php 400.00 – Taxi from Airport – Friends House – Tomas Morato in QC
Php 300.00 – Dinner at Mang Inasal
Php 240.00 – Coffee/Tea at CBTL
Php 120.00 – Taxi Fare going Home
Php 6555.00 Total

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Cebu Day 3: Around Bantayan Island Via Motorbike

It’s almost 6am and we still haven’t decided where to stay in Bantayan. There were couple of hotels on my list however but most of them are fully booked and too expensive. Yoonek Beach Resort is one of them.

After checkout, we took a cab going to North Bus Terminal to catch the 7 am Bus to Hagnaya Port. We then had our breakfast while in the bus.

On our way, I texted the resort contact for our reservation and luckily got a quick confirmation. The bus left on time and arrived at Hagnaya Port after 3 hours and 15 mins and this includes a 10-15 min stop along the route.

From the port, we immediately bought a ticket and paid Php 10 terminal fee per person. I thought the ticket costs Php 170 per head however while in the boat I realised I still have Php 330 change out of the Php 500 I paid which I failed to count upon getting it as the boat was about to leave. It was clear that the ticketing officer only took the amount equal to one person but gave me two tickets. Got ourselves a 50% discount then. Haha. Thank You!

The boat left half past 10 and arrived in Sta Fe, Bantayan at exactly 12 nn. In the island, we were picked up by Remi, a freelance staff of the resort, who then brought us in the resort.

We’re able to check-in 1230 pm. They gave us a rate of Php 1900 per night as we wanted a room facing the beach with breakfast inclusion. The room is quite big and it has 2 double sized beds that can accommodate up to 5 people. It has its own fridge and a veranda as well. Not bad.

Hungry as always we had lunch after check-in. We asked for Beef Kaldereta, Mojos, Rice and 2 Fruit Shakes. Perfect!

After lunch, we asked Remi for things to do while in the Island. He even offered to tour us in the island free of charge just as long as we pay for his gas. So we agreed to do it right after the conversation. We rented a motorbike for Php 500 including my gas and his motorbike’s gas. We initially paid Php 300 as down payment which he agreed.

Our tour/motorbike convoy started around 215pm. We first went to the Old Port of Bantayan, from afar you can see the Virgin Island.

From the old port, we went to Bantayan Nature Park then to Kota Park where the sunset awaits.

After Kota Park, we went to Bantayan Market to get Danggit (Salted Dried Fish). Danggit here are really cheap.

Just before dinner, we went to St Peter and Paul Parish.

It was 7 pm when we finally arrived at HR Bar & Restaurant for dinner. Bbrrrpp! Remi, our guide, opened up and shared he ended up in the island. Quite interesting!

At around 830 pm we’re back in the hotel. Decided to get few bottles of beer until we dozed off at around 11-ish

Here’s the rundown of expenses for this day:

Php 120.00 – Taxi fare from Verbena to North Bus Terminal
Php 10.00 – Terminal Fee at North Bus Terminal (Since we asked the cab to go in)
Php 24.00 – Coffee while at the Terminal
Php 300.00 – Bus Fare from Terminal to Hagnaya Port for 2
Php 20.00 – Port Terminal fee for 2
Php 74.00 – Snacks
Php 170.00 – Boat Fare to Sta Fe (Again this should have been Php 340 for 2)
Php 300.00 – Motorbike DP + Gas
Php 417.00 – Pasalubong from Bantayan Market (Danggit)
Php 550.00 – Dinner at HR Bar & Restaurant
Php 1985.00 – Total

Note: If you want to contact Remi, you may reach him at +639063578703

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Cebu Day 2: Plantation Bay Day Tour

Our second day was well thought of as we had to choose between Plantation Bay and Shangri-la Mactan.

After checking reviews, resort amenities and activities that we can do we picked Plantation Bay. We also want to go to Shangri-la Mactan so decided to go back here next year. There’s no need to reserve if you want to go here for a day tour however if you want to make sure you may call them. Not quite sure how to commute, we called them to ask for directions the day before.

Wakeup time was 5am to prep our things then we had our free breakfast again at 6am.

After breakfast, we took a cab going to Plantation Bay. Don’t worry about getting a cab as they’re everywhere and they normally have parked one near hotels to pick up guests. Day tour starts at 9 am but we were able to get in an at about 830am. Since I forgot to bring my board shorts and my girlfriend wants to get a new one, we decided to go to their small boutique. Stuff were a bit pricey so I would recommend you buy all things you need before heading here.

Package inclusions for Php 2000/head are the ff:

* Set lunch (served 12 pm-2 pm, unless otherwise specified)
* Choice of drink (local beer, soft drink, canned juice, iced tea, or mineral water)
* Access to all lagoons and swimming pools
* Wall climbing (1 pm-5 pm)
* 30-minute use of bicycles
* 15-minute use of non-motorized aqua sports (nips floater or kayak)
* Billiards, darts, Foosball, air hockey, and table tennis (9 am-5 pm)
* Use of shower rooms (dedicated changing rooms for daytrippers)

We first took a dip in one of their salt water lagoon then we had Kayak for 30 mins (ssshhh).

After feeling burned we decided to go in their Game Room and played air hockey while waiting for an available bike.

After biking, we then had our set lunch (appetizer, main dish, dessert and drinks).

Feeling a bit sleepy after, we head to one of the pool beds facing the falls and dozed off for about 30 mins.

After regaining some energy, we took a dip on one of their fresh water lagoon while having some drinks at the Pool Bar. Drinks here are a bit pricey at about Php 250/drink.

After this, we were suppose to do wall climbing but we were told to get dry first. A lot of people are also waiting for their turn so we decided to just wash up. We didn’t want to leave but hey it’s almost 5pm. After getting all our stuff in their safekeeping area, we asked for a cab and left the place just few minutes after 5pm. This day was well worth it. We are definitely going back here, not just for a day tour but for a couple of days stay.

It took us about an hour to get back to the main city because of heavy traffic.

We asked our cab driver to drop us off at Ayala Mall to get a decent dinner. This mall keeps on evolving comparing it to the last time I was here. We then came across to one of the restaurant my friend is telling me about,¬†Mooon Cafe. I immediately called her on my mobile to confirm whats best to eat. A lot of people are waiting outside including ourselves. We waited for¬†30 mins before we had the chance to sit but it’s all fine. Staff were really nice and they set proper expectations to customers. We had generous serving of Steaks and Burritos. Yum! We thought we won’t finish them all but it was all consumed up just after few minutes. Brrppp!

After dinner, we decided to take a walk. It was Zumba Night in the main activity area. Haha.. Feeling a bit tired and sleepy, we stopped at a nearby breadshop to get something to eat for breakfast the next day before heading back to the hotel.

It was 9 pm when we arrived back and packed our things for an early checkout the following day before going to sleep.

Whew! Life Is Good! Good Food! ūüôā Can’t wait for Bantayan Island Adventure.

Here’s the rundown of our expenses for this day:
Php 350.00 – Taxi Fare from Verbena Pension House to Plantation Bay
Php 4000.00 – Plantation Bay Day Tripper Package for 2
Php 2974.00 – Miscellaneous (Personal Expenses)
Php 245.00 – Extra Drink for 2 during Lunch
Php 500.00 – Cocktail drinks for 2 (Pool Bar)
Php 250.00 – Taxi Fare from Plantation Bay to Ayala Mall
Php 550.00 – Dinner at Mooon Cafe
Php 214.00 – Bread from Breadtalk
Php 90.00 – Taxi Fare from Ayala to Verbena
Php 9173.00 Total

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Cebu Day 1: City Tour + Sky Adventure

It was 4 am when we arrived at NAIA Terminal 4. After check-in, while waiting for boarding we had some snacks. Our plane left 5:35 am and arrived in Cebu 6:35 am.

Sunrise while in the Air

Immediately after arrival we took a cab going to the main city. While in the cab, I tried to call hotels to confirm availability and to confirm who would allow us to check-in early. It was Verbena Pension House who allowed this so I immediately gave them the confirmation that we are on our way. They have another hotel which is a new one, Verbena Capitol Suites. Upon arrival at 7:45 am, we fixed our stuff in the room and had breakfast at Cafe Tukana around 8:30 am.

Breakfast Time

After breakfast we walked going to¬†Crown Regency¬†to check their¬†Sky Adventure Packages¬†however it’s too early so we decided to buy a frappucino¬†in¬†Starbucks¬†first then hailed a multi-cab going to¬†JY Square. There, we hired Habal-Habal to get to¬†Tops,¬†Doce¬†Pares¬†and the Famous¬†Taoist Temple.¬†It only took us more than 2 hours to finish and decided to go back to the hotel after.

Having no sleep at all before our flight, we took a 3 hour nap/sleep. Not to waste, at around 4 pm we went back to Crown Regency for the much awaited Sky Experience Adventure. Unfortunately it was only me who did the Skywalk and Edge Coaster as my girlfriend was too afraid to try it. The only thing we did there together is the 4D. Hahaha..

After the thrilling experience we decided to have dinner at¬†Sparkz. It was heaven. There’s overflowing food. You can choose from Chinese, Japanese, Continental, American, Filipino dishes. They also serve loads of deserts to choose from like cakes, tarts, crepes, ice cream, fruits, cupcakes, and even¬†halo-halo. Life is Good!

Its Dinner Time


After dinner, we walked going back to our hotel as we needed to sleep early to prepare for our Plantation Bay Day Tour the following day..

Here’s the rundown of our expenses for this day:
Php 220 – Transit Cost going to the Airport
Php 400 – Terminal Fee x 2
Php 250 РSnacks at NAIA Terminal 4
Php 240 РTaxi to Verbena
Php 2600 Р2 days Room Accommodation for 2
Php 80 РMango (add-on for breakfast)
Php¬†160 –¬†Starbucks Frappucino
Php 18 РFare to JY for 2
Php 200 РTops Entrance for 2
Php 400 РHabal-Habal
Php 100 РTaxi from JY to Verbena
Php 1700 РSky Adventure (1000: 3 rides + dinner buffet, 700: 1 ride + dinner buffet)
Php 6128 РTotal

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Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island View On Top Of The Hill

One of the Island you should not miss when you’re in Coron Palawan. Long White Beach. Perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Relax under a tree while reading your fave book or listening to your fave music with fresh coconut juice on the side. One can stay here overnight but with very little accommodation might as well reserve it in advance. ¬†You can opt to camp here as well. Water sports activities are sometimes held here during summer. Development is on its way to build more rooms to accommodate more tourists.

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Banana Island

Banana Island Resort

From afar I had a hard time trying to figure out why the Island known¬†as such. It doesn’t seem to have lots of Banana Trees nor the Island resembles¬†the shape of a Banana. The island is perfect for camping and picnic. Cottages can¬†be rented and you can stay here overnight. This is close to Malaroyroy Island and Malcapuya Island.

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Kayangan Lake

Taken Near The Cave

Few minutes from Coron via Boat you’ll get to see this Amazing Lake hidden somewhere within an island known as The Sleeping Giant. The lake is roughly 30% Salt Water 70% Fresh Water. The water temperate is perfect for swimming and you’ll see a lot of Needle Fish.

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Sunset View of Coron Island from Mt Tapyas Peak

Whenever I go to different places I always look for a nice spot to witness the Sunset. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, it always seems to be something you’ve never seen before. A moment to cherish and be thankful for knowing it will never be the same again.

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