Mt. Cristobal Traverse

View From The Peak

View From The Peak


Quezon and Laguna
Entry point: Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna
Exit point: Sitio Parang, Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Dolores
LLA: 14.064° N 121.428° E, 1470 MASL (600m gain)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 3-4


Day 1

06:00 ETD for San Pablo
07:00 Lunch at San Pablo plaza
07:30 From market, take jeep to Brgy Tala
08:00 Start traverse from Jones’ Peak
09:00 ETA Green Mountain; Turn right to Brgy. Tala
09:30 ETA Brgy. Tala chapel; optional sidetrip to Tayak Hill
10:00 Start Start Trekking to summit
16:00 ETA Summit/Campsite (Ridge) Take Pictures
17:00 Dinner/Socials
19:00 Lights off

Day 2

05:00 Wake up call/ Take pictures at Cogon Area
06:00 Breakfast
07:00 Break camp
08:00 Take traverse trail going Dolores
12:00 Take lunch at Rest House
13:00 ETA Kinabuhayan for wash-up
15:00 Take jeepney to SPTP
17:00 Dinner in San Pablo (optional)
19:00 Take return Bus to Manila

BUDGET: 800 Php

Day 0:
Dinner along the way or Stop over, Fastfood type
Buy breakfast and pack lunch along the way fastfood type

Day 1
Full meal Breakfast along the way or at the Jump off, earlier the better
Lunch on trail or prepared Food
Prepared Breakfast
Prepared Lunch

Day 2
At the summit 1st strike of sunrise 30mins go back to campsite
Break camp earlier the better
Full meal breakfast


  • Water 4L for Female 6L for Male
  • 1L Liqueor for the boys
  • Trail Water/Energy Drinks any kind (2 pcs. 500ml)
  • Personal Trail Food
  • Energy bars (any kind of chocolate)
  • Extra Joss/Samurai powder (box)
  • 2 packs Jelly-ace w/ Nata (any kind)
  • Biscuits/Breads (any kind)
  • Salted/MSG goods (any finger foods)
  • 3in1 Coffee/ Energen
  • Cup Noodles
  • Butane
  • Personal Packed Breakfast/Lunch
  • Spoon and Fork
  • Portable Plate or any small food container w/ lid
  • Wipes
  • Alcohol
  • Thermal Jacket/Rain Coat/Bonnet (Poncho)
  • 3 sets of Upper/Lower clothings, Seperate each, plus Trekking Attire
  • Flashlight/Headlamps
  • Extra Batteries/Lighter
  • Personal medication
  • Extra money



  • Sinigang or Nilaga 2kgs Pork (Its your choice)Talong/Stringbeans/Kangkong/Radish/Onion/Garlic/Pepper/Chili/Sinigang Mix


  • Hotdog and Egg, Preheat left over

Packed Lunch (Lunch on Trail)

  • 2kgs Chiken/Pork Adobo (Its your choice) Soysauce/Vinegar/Garlic/Onion/Pepper/Sugar/Chili


To unify the diverse information about a traverse of Mt. Cristobal, features all the variants of the Cristobal Traverse – including the regular Cristobal climb – in one definitive page, covering the main trail system which consists of the three major landmarks: (1) Montelibano‘s House; (2) the crater; and (3) Jones’ Peak. In order to compare and contrast the three, we are creating a master itinerary that starts off from Dolores – in spite of the fact that most conventional climbs start off from the exit points. We are recommending Dolores as an entry point because of its fast access to the crater, and a more established guideship system in Sta. Lucia/Kinabuhayan. For a more rudimentary article about Mt. Cristobal, please see the previous article.

Jones’ Peak, which is the highest point of the Cristobal Trail system, has been identified as the summit of Mt. Cristobal; this is incorrect. The true summit of Mt. Cristobal is southeast relative to Jones’ Peak; it is higher by over 50 meters and is unfortunately inaccessible at the moment. Hence, will prefer the eponymous naming of the peak (after a mountaineer who got injured in the steep descent). Since this is also the best viewpoint in the whole trail, we are recommending the Jones’ Peak be the final destination of the regular Cristobal climb (instead of the crater).

How is the Traverse Trail like? Here is the rough breakdown:

Jones’ Peak -> Green Mountain (3.5 hours) Here lies the most difficult part of the trail, involving a steep descent from the peak. You will have to cling on to cogon – and some segments are roped to aid climbers. Beware of the rattan thorns – as well as the very noxious lipa plants that grow along the trail. At the same time, be vigilant for any of the fauna you might see. Still at large are monkeys, wild boar, and snakes in this area of Cristobal. There are also a variety of beetles and other fauna here. The forest will soon give way to the green fields bounding Rizal and San Pablo, but instead of going down, following the northeast, straight trail leads to Nagcarlan.

Sidetrip possibilities exist for each destination: for Rizal, Tayak Hill and the Terraza Verde Resort; for San Pablo, the Seven Lakes themselves; for Nagcarlan, Bunga Falls, and for Dolores, Sta. Lucia Falls and perhaps the curative spring of Brgy. Kinabuhayan.

All said, the Mt. Cristobal Traverse ranks among the more formidable Southern Tagalog climbs, and going for the traverse is must-try for a complete Cristobal experience!

*Observe BMC… Please put all candy wrapper/chocolate wrapper/cigarette butt in your packet during trek… LEAVE NO TRACE!

***Extracted from Relax Extremely Daring Mountaineers Archives

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