Coron Palawan 4-Day Itinerary

It was July 2012 when I was still in UK that I’ve decided to book for Busuanga while Skyping with my girlfriend. Missing the beach so much on a cold weather pushed me to GO and click CONFIRM. Click the itinerary for the story…

Below was our 4 Day Itinerary:

Day 1 – Mt Tapyas & Maquinit Hot Spring

0830 Flight to Busuanga via Airphil Express
0925 Arrived at Busuanga Airport
1000 Left Busuanga Airport via Van
1030 Arrived at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1045 Early Check-in at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1100 Nap Time
1445 Pickup Time
1500 Souvenir Shop
1520 Lualhati Park
1535 Tourism Center
1550 Municipal Hall
1600 Mt Tapyas
1620 Summited Mt Tapyas
1730 Descended Mt Tapyas
1745 Swim and Relax at Maquinit Hot Spring
1930 Dinner at Coron Edge
2030 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge

View From Mt Tapyas Top

-=View Of Coron Town From Mt Tapyas =-

Day 2 – Island Hopping (Kayangan Lake + Twin Peaks + Vivian Beach + CYC Coral Garden + CYC Beach)

0630 Wake Up Time
0700 Coffee/Breakfast
0800 Pickup Time
0815 Arrived at the Port
0930 Start of Tour
0945 Swim at Kayangan Lake
1130 Snorkeling Twin Peaks Coral Garden
1230 Lunch at Vivian Beach
1400 Left Vivian Beach
1415 Snorkeling at CYC Coral Garden
1520 Swim and Chill at CYC Beach
1620 Left CYC Beach
1650 Arrvived back at the Port
1715 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1730 Shower Time
1800 Prep for Dinner
1830 Dinner + Drinks at La Sirenetta
2100 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge
2130 Played Billiards
2230 Sleep Time

Join Us!

-= Swimming at Kayangan Lake =-

Day 3 – Island Hopping (Malaroyroy Island + Banana Beach + Malcapuya Beach)

0730 Wake Up Time + Coffee
0800 Pickup Time
0930 Off to Malaroyroy Island
1100 Swimming at Malaroyroy Island
1230 Off to Banana Beach
1245 Lunch and Swim at Banana Bech
1415 Off to Malcapuya Beach
1430 Chill at Malcapuya Beach
1545 Left the beach
1715 Arrived back at the Port
1730 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1830 Dinner at Foodtrip
1930 Shake at Ice Valley
2030 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge

Malaroyroy Beach

-= Malaroyroy Island =-

Day 4 – Last Day: Interesting Finds

0730 Wake Up Time
0800 Daily doze of Coffee
0810 Breakfast at Foodtrip
0850 Walk around the Town
0900 San Agustin Church
0930 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1000 Pickup time for Souvenir and Food Shopping
1115 Back at Rudy’s Place Lodge
1130 Wash up then Pack up
1315 Pickup Time going to the Airport
1340 Arrived at the Airport
1345 Checked In
1350 Lunch just outside the Airport
1415 Back at the Airport

Busuanga Airport - Most Efficient Airport Ever

-= Busuanga Airport =-

Coron Town. Busuanga island

Coron Town. Busuanga island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

21 thoughts on “Coron Palawan 4-Day Itinerary

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  5. hindi ko pa nababasa ng buo ung itinerary mo pero laking tulong sakin to kc we are planning to go at coron next year thank you so much

  6. Hello po!Thank you po sa author dahil nakakatulong ang inyong blog. Okay lang po bang magpost ako dito? Pupunta kami ng bf ko sa Coron sa August 7 – 10. Baka po may pupunta ng ganong dates baka pwede sumabay sa tour para po mas makatipid. Salamat ulit!

  7. hi were family, we book our trip at coron on April 18 to 22. we will arrive there around 7pm, we have a frend n coron who got a house there , ang concern namin,like sana namin pa guide sa days ng tour boat and trnspo as well as food. my cp no is 09275124389, hope to hear from you or you may email me of the package sa ganung set up


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