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-= 2013 =-

Binondo Chinese New Year Celebration (DIY)

Red & Yellow Dragons

-= 2012 =-

2012 Summer Escapades

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Fullscreen capture 5192013 23532 PM.bmp

Click on the Entries to get full details of the trip.

Date Location Entries
March 31st, 2012 Calaguas Island (Mahabang Buhangin), Philippines Braved The Big Waves Just To Get Here – 75 Photos
April 1st, 2012 Bagasbas, Philippines Windy Bagasbas – 22 Photos
April 2nd, 2012 Matacon, Philippines A Day In The Province – 17 Photos
April 7th, 2012 Baguio City, Philippines Summer Capital Of The Philippines – 50 Photos
August 7th, 2012 Bicol, Philippines Black Beach in Bicol – 30 Photos
September 1st, 2012 Laiya, Philippines Beach Time With My Team – 12 Photos
September 27th, 2012 Cebu, Philippines 4 Day Cebu Trip – 11 Photos
October 26th, 2012 Bolinao, Philippines Puerto Del Sol Day Tour – 25 Photos

Manila Bay Romantic Dinner Cruise

Manila Bay.. Famous for its Sunset… Agree??!

I’ve seen the sunset several times but never this close. Speechless..

Catching The Sun

I never realized it would be such an experience. Seeing the sun slowly going down the horizon was marvelous.. The mixture of colors in the sky as it slowly changes from to blue to violet to orange then red. Wow!!!

Binondo Chinese New Year Celebration With WowTrippers

Visiting United Kingdom

Fish & Chips, Monarchy, English Football, Historic Landmarks and Double Decker Buses.

Before boarding the Cruise

Being able to travel and work at the same time is one of the best thing. For 3 months, I’m not just able to learn something new for work, I was also able to visit places like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Knutsford and stayed in Northwich. Not bad for my very first out of the country trip.

Date Location Entries
April 16th, 2012 Pasay City, Philippines 8 Photos
April 16th, 2012 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 9 Photos
April 16th, 2012 Manchester, England In Transit: Manila To UK – 10 Photos
April 16th, 2012 Northwich, England 14 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: Premier Inn Northwich South
April 17th, 2012 Northwich, England 1 Photo
April 17th, 2012 Knutsford, England 13 Photos
April 18th, 2012 Northwich, England 8 Photos
April 22nd, 2012 Davenham, England 4 Photos
April 22nd, 2012 Staffordshire, England Drayton Manor Theme Park – 60 Photos
April 23rd, 2012 Manchester, England Quick Stop At Manchester – 27 Photos
April 28th, 2012 Chester, England Seeing Chester – 42 Photos
May 7th, 2012 Chester, England Chester Zoo – 71 Photos
May 12th, 2012 Chester, England Another Visit To Chester – 35 Photos
May 13th, 2012 Northwich, England Bikes And Rides @ Thundersprint 2012 – 35 Photos
May 26th, 2012 Northwich, England Feelin’ The Warmth Of Summer – 20 Photos
May 29th, 2012 London, England Day Tour Of London – 93 Photos
June 3rd, 2012 Liverpool, England I Love Liverpool! – 57 Photos – Sights & Attractions: Nando’s Liverpool One
June 14th, 2012 Cheshire, England Peckforton Castle + Cheshire Farm – 20 Photos
June 16th, 2012 Cheshire, England Blue Planet Aquarium + Shopping + Movie Date – 44 Photos
July 8th, 2012 Blackpool, England Thrilling Rides At Pleasure Beach – 52 Photos
July 15th, 2012 Cheshire, England Last Day In UK – 25 Photos

Other Entries

Date Location Entries
February 12th, 2012 Angeles City, Philippines 17 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – 60 Photos
February 12th, 2012 Bataan, Philippines Mount Samat Shrine – 70 Photos

-= 2011 =-

Visayas-Mindanao Backpacking Trip 16K Challenge


 – Starting Point  – Last Point  – Current Point  – Round Trip
Visayas-Mindanao Backpacking Trip 16K Challenge 2011 - Travel Blog  Journal  Travelogue - TravBuddy - Google Chrome 5192013 22315 PM.bmp

How far can your 16,000 pesos go? Few months ago I challenged myself for a 10-day backpacking trip covering parts of Visayas and Mindanao without spending too much. Follow my entries on this blog to see how I did it and still managed to enjoy. Disclaimer: Tickets bought through PISO FARE are not included. Click on the Entries to check detailed account and expenses of the trip.

Breakdown shown below (Good for 2):

  • Php 337.12 – MAN-CEB
  • Php 353.92 – CEB-ZAM
  • Php 297.92 – ZAM-DAV
  • Php 465.92 – DAV-MAN
  • Total: Php 1,454.88
Date Location Entries
June 8th, 2011 Cebu, Philippines Cebu Stop – 19 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: Mariner’s Court
June 9th, 2011 Bohol, Philippines Touring Bohol – 89 Photos
June 10th, 2011 Panglao, Philippines Aloha Alona – 29 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: Alona Bamboo House
June 11th, 2011 Tagbilaran City, Philippines Rainy Tagbilaran – 14 Photos
June 12th, 2011 Siquijor Island, Philippines Enchanting Siquijor – 170 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: Sunporch Inn
June 13th, 2011 Dumaguete, Philippines Quick Stop In Dumaguete – 22 Photos
June 13th, 2011 Santander (Lilo-an), Philippines Seeing Cebu South – 21 Photos
June 14th, 2011 Zamboanga City (Ciudad De Zamboanga), Philippines Bienvenido A Zamboanga – 99 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: Casa Don Antillano Pension House
June 16th, 2011 Davao, Philippines Lungsod ng Dabaw – 83 Photos – Hotels & Accommodations: My Hotel Davao
June 17th, 2011 Talicud Island, Philippines Talicud Island – 51 Photos

As early as April, all are set for the summer. From Long White Beach of Calaguas Island to the Surfing Capital of Bicol Region to the Camping Site of Zambales, Anawangin Cove. Let’s Party and Enjoy the Heat of Sun!

Date Location Entries
April 2nd, 2011 Calaguas Island (Mahabang Buhangin), Philippines Calaguas Island Summer Getaway – 50 Photos
April 3rd, 2011 Bagasbas, Philippines Side Trip: Bagasbas Beach (Surfing Capital in Bicol Region) – 20 Photos
April 21st, 2011 Anawangin, Philippines Relaxing at Annuangin – 50 Photos

Puerto Princesa Palawan

How do I ended up going to Palawan?

Last March, I was just checking one of our local groupon site for a nice deal and without having any second thought I bought the deal. Voila! The deal is mine! Haha.. I actually thought redeeming it would be easy but you still have to make advance reservation so that they can get you a flight on your desired date.

Yes! Airfare is part of the deal. A Romantic Two-Nights Stay for Two Persons in Palawan, Roundtrip Airfare, Hotel, Island Hopping for P9900. Haha! Not bad right?

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  1. You got to visit Europe, so cool! That’s one of the things I would like to do in the next few years. 🙂

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