5D4N Iloilo – Gigantes – Guimaras Itinerary and Expenses

Below is a detailed 5D4N Itinerary and Expenses covering Iloilo, Isla Gigantes and Guimaras Island.

 DAY 1 ITINERARY : Iloilo 2D1N DIY Trip
0400 NAIA Terminal 4 Check-In
0600 ETD going to Iloilo
1200 ATD going to Iloilo
1310 ATA Iloilo
1400 SM City Iloilo via Shuttle (50 pesos/head)
1415 Snack at TEDs
1500 Check-In Chito’s Hotel (750 pesos/night, AC with T&B)
1530 Fort San Pedro, Museo Iloilo, Biscocho Haus & Calle Crisologo
1815 Back at SM City Iloilo
2030 Promenade (Lakeside)
2045 Dinner at Punot
2200 Back at Chito’s Hotel
DAY 1 EXPENSES = Php 3,224.00
500 Taxi Fare to T4 96 Snacks at Biscocho Haus
350 Food in the airport 71 Fruits bought along Calle Real
100 Van to SM City Iloilo 14 Jeep to SM City Iloilo
88 Snack at TEDs 302 Movie Tix for 2
100 Taxi Fare to Chito’s 25 Water
750 Chito’s Hotel 14 Jeep to Promenade
70 Taxi Fare to Fort San Pedro 650 Dinner at Promenade
14 Jeep to Museo Iloilo 80 Taxi Fare to Chito’s
 DAY 2 ITINERARY : Isla Gigantes 3D2N Trip
0700 Wake Up Call
0800 Check-out at Chito’s Hotel
0830 ETA at Tagbac Central Terminal via Taxi (150 pesos)
1000 ETD to Estancia via Van (150 pesos/head)
1230 Estancia Transport Terminal
1245 Estancia Port (via Tricycle 10 pesos/head)
1430 ETD Estancia to Brgy Asluman via Boat (80 pesos/head)
1630 ETA Brgy Asluman
1640 ETA Hideaway Resort via Habal-Habal (10 pesos/head)
1700 Check-in (200 pesos/head/night)
1730 Parola (via Habal-Habal 30 pesos/head/way)
1830 Back at Hideaway Resort
2000 Dinner Time
2200 Night Swimming (Mini Pool)
DAY 2 EXPENSES = Php 867.00
77 Breakfast 20 Water
150 Taxi Fare to Tagbak Terminal 160 Boat Fare to Gigantes
300 Van going to Estancia 20 Habal Habal to Hideaway
20 Tricycle Fare to Port 120 Habal Habal to Light House
 DAY 3 ITINERARY Isla Gigantes 3D2N Trip
0600 Wake Up Call
0700 Breakfast Time
0830 Prep for Island Hopping
0900 Habal-Habal to Boat
0910 Start of Island Hopping (2500 pesos/boat good for 4 with 2 guides)
0940 Tangke
1100 Cabugao Gamay Island (20 pesos entrance fee/head)
1200 Lunch at Cabugao Gamay Island
1340 Bantigue Sandbar
1430 Antonia Beach (20 pesos entrance fee/head)
1630 Back at Brgy Asluman
1645 Hideaway Tourist Resort
1900 Dinner Time
2100 Bonfire by the Beach
2300 Lights Off
DAY 3 EXPENSES = Php 412.00
100 2 Fresh Buko at Cabugao Island 20 Habal Habal to Hideaway
140 Snacks at Antonia Beach 52 Toiletries
100 1 Sack of Wasay-Wasay
 DAY 4 ITINERARY : Guimaras Island 2D1N DIY
0600 Breakfast
0730 Prep for Check-out (Total Bill: 3480 pesos)
0830 Check-out Time
0845 Boat to Estancia (80 pesos/head)
1030 Back at Estancia Port
1130 Van to Iloilo (150 pesos/head)
1330 ETA Tagbac Central Terminal
1350 Lunch at Andoks
1430 ETD going to Parola Port
1445 ETA Parola Port (Alternative to Ortiz Port)
1500 ETD Boat to Guimaras
1515 ETA Guimaras Port
1530 Start of Land Tour (1200 pesos good for 4)
1830 End of Tour
1900 Check-in Raymen Beach Resort (700 pesos/room good for 4)
2000 Dinner at JM Carinderia
2200 Night Swimming by the Beach
DAY 4 EXPENSES = Php 6,291.00
3480 Hideaway Total Bill 80 Taxi to Parola Port
600 Tip 28 Boat Fare to Guimaras
20 Habal Habal to Boat 25 Lanzones
160 Boat Fare to Estancia 100 Mango
40 Water 60 Mango Hopia
103 Food 135 Snacks at Pit Stop
30 Tricycle to Van Terminal 600 Land Tour
300 Van to Tagbac Terminal 350 Dinner
180 Lunch
 DAY 5 ITINERARY : Guimaras Island 2D1N DIY
0530 Breakfast at JM Carinderia
0710 Start of Island Hopping -1st 2hrs 500 + 150/1hr
0930 End of Island Hopping
1000 Free Time/Swimming
1110 Prepare for Check-out
1200 Check-out Rayment Beach Resort
1215 Lunch at JM Carinderia
1300 Tricycle to Port (300 good for 4)
1330 Pasalubong Center
1400 Pit Stop
1440 ETA Port
1500 Boat to Ortiz
1515 ETA Ortiz Port
1530 SM Stopover
1615 ETD to Tagbac Terminal
1630 ETA Tagbac Terminal
1800 ETD going to Kalibo
2100 ETA Kalibo Airport
2130 Dinner/Stop Over at Airport Lounge
0100 Check-in going to Manila
0330 ETD Flight to Manila
0500 Back in Manila
DAY 5 EXPENSES = Php 3,144.00
160 Breakfast 28 Boat to Ortiz Port
940 Rayment Total Bill 80 Taxi to SM
290 Lunch 15 Snack
150 Tricycle to Port 190 Taxi to Tagbac Terminal
407 Pasalubong Centre 650 Van to Kalibo Airport
234 Pit Stop

Total Expenses: Php 13,938 for 2 Pax

*Expenses quoted are for 2 people.
*It’s best if you bring snacks and water with you to limit your expenses.
*It’s still best to commute rather than taking a cab if you want to save more money, just ask around on how to get from one place to another
*Watching movie is definitely not something you would normally include in your itinerary so feel free to take it out.
*For a more local feel, eat somewhere that place can only offer.
*Don’t be shy, Be friendly.
*Have an open mind.
*Be Adventurous!
*Stay Safe!

19 thoughts on “5D4N Iloilo – Gigantes – Guimaras Itinerary and Expenses

  1. hi sir, we’re going to iloilo dis coming nov 22-24. our flight going to iloilo is 2:30am. (i hope the flight is on time) and 8:30pm flight going back to manila. we want to visit both gigantes and guimaras, it this possible?

  2. Hi manong. you have a very great and detailed blog. my husband and i are going to iloilo next year. we’ll be arriving on january 15 in the afternoon and be leaving on january 20 morning. wehave reserved the whole day of january 16 for a wedding. what could you suggest for us? not a big fan of churches. i’m thinking of going to guimaras or gigantes.

  3. Ask ko lang po if dalawa lng kami napaka sakit namn po pag 13k huhu di kaya budget. Pano po makaka save ng sobra. April next year pa naman po nag iipon pa ako pera for my surprise for her. How can I save alot of money instead of 13k po? Pa reply namn po thanks that’s a big help sir. I’m from bacolod. I really wanna go there sir with my girl. But if it costs too much po hehe mahirap talaga sir eh. But I want to go there so much.

  4. Hi. We’re going to Iloilo this weekend po kasi and currently thinking whether Guimaras or Gigantes island. If I were to ask you po, which do you prefer among the 2? And why? Thank you po!

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