Cebu Day 1: City Tour + Sky Adventure

It was 4 am when we arrived at NAIA Terminal 4. After check-in, while waiting for boarding we had some snacks. Our plane left 5:35 am and arrived in Cebu 6:35 am.

Sunrise while in the Air

Immediately after arrival we took a cab going to the main city. While in the cab, I tried to call hotels to confirm availability and to confirm who would allow us to check-in early. It was Verbena Pension House who allowed this so I immediately gave them the confirmation that we are on our way. They have another hotel which is a new one, Verbena Capitol Suites. Upon arrival at 7:45 am, we fixed our stuff in the room and had breakfast at Cafe Tukana around 8:30 am.

Breakfast Time

After breakfast we walked going to Crown Regency to check their Sky Adventure Packages however it’s too early so we decided to buy a frappucino in Starbucks first then hailed a multi-cab going to JY Square. There, we hired Habal-Habal to get to TopsDoce Pares and the Famous Taoist Temple. It only took us more than 2 hours to finish and decided to go back to the hotel after.

Having no sleep at all before our flight, we took a 3 hour nap/sleep. Not to waste, at around 4 pm we went back to Crown Regency for the much awaited Sky Experience Adventure. Unfortunately it was only me who did the Skywalk and Edge Coaster as my girlfriend was too afraid to try it. The only thing we did there together is the 4D. Hahaha..

After the thrilling experience we decided to have dinner at Sparkz. It was heaven. There’s overflowing food. You can choose from Chinese, Japanese, Continental, American, Filipino dishes. They also serve loads of deserts to choose from like cakes, tarts, crepes, ice cream, fruits, cupcakes, and even halo-halo. Life is Good!

Its Dinner Time


After dinner, we walked going back to our hotel as we needed to sleep early to prepare for our Plantation Bay Day Tour the following day..

Here’s the rundown of our expenses for this day:
Php 220 – Transit Cost going to the Airport
Php 400 – Terminal Fee x 2
Php 250 – Snacks at NAIA Terminal 4
Php 240 – Taxi to Verbena
Php 2600 – 2 days Room Accommodation for 2
Php 80 – Mango (add-on for breakfast)
Php 160 – Starbucks Frappucino
Php 18 – Fare to JY for 2
Php 200 – Tops Entrance for 2
Php 400 – Habal-Habal
Php 100 – Taxi from JY to Verbena
Php 1700 – Sky Adventure (1000: 3 rides + dinner buffet, 700: 1 ride + dinner buffet)
Php 6128 – Total

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5 thoughts on “Cebu Day 1: City Tour + Sky Adventure

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  2. Hello! thank you for your informative blog.. ano po meron sa tops? wla po bang ibang means of going to dolce pares other than habal?-habal i will be bringing my lola and baby kasi, so it will not be convinient for them to ride the habal-habal.

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