Top 10 Chinatown Restaurants

Been to Chinatown several times but I’ve only tried 4 out of the 10 restaurants listed here. Will try the rest on my next visit on this side of Manila. ๐Ÿ™‚



Random Top 10's


Okay, so youโ€™re hankering for some food tonight but you donโ€™t know what to eat. Fastfood delivery seems greasy while Filipino foods have been plaguing your taste buds since forever. Say you find yourself in a mysterious land inside the Capital of the Philippines, you see signs that are alien to you and you see people that may or may not look like you and donโ€™t speak your language. Well, Iโ€™ve got news for you, youโ€™re in Chinatown! While youโ€™re at it, why donโ€™t you try what our Chinese brethren who have been with us for hundreds of years has to offer? In this blog post, youโ€™ll find our top 10 list of Restaurants that can offer your Authentic Chinese dishes just as if youโ€™re in China โ€” No kidding! Go beyond your Chowking habit and see the real deal after the break.


10. Wai Ying Fastfood

There are twoโ€ฆ

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