Awesome Caramoan Day 1

Caramoan Peninsula is one of the famous destinations in Camarines Sur because of its majestic and breathtaking island beaches and rock formations. 5 Survivor TV Series started it all few years ago. FranceTurkeyIsraelBulgaria and Serbia had their Survivor editions here in Caramoan. This used to be a quiet town but after its big exposure the town started to flourish. More and more hotels and resorts are being built to accommodate the influx of tourists. It was more than 3 years ago when I first came here and there were very few hotels and most islands were closed because of an ongoing Survivor edition. Most of the visitors back then were Europeans. If you visited Caramoan few years ago you probably have experienced being carried by the human porters to get to the boat during low-tide in Sabang Port. Haha!

The planning started 2 months ago when I finally decided to visit Caramoan again and tagged along 11 friends and new-found friends. We were suppose to take the train (PNR) going to Bicol however it wasn’t operational and as of this writing, Bicol Operations are still suspended. To make it easier, we rented a van for Php 13,600 to get to Sabang Port.   Some of us had few shots of Emperador Light while in the van. Yeah! We arrived in Sabang Port at around 5:30AM.

In Sabang Port, we registered then hopped into the boat. The fare here is just Php 120 and the trip takes about 1.5-2 hours. It was around 8:00AM when we arrived in Guijalo Port where Kuya Jovy assisted us. It was bloody hot and there were loads of people in the port.

Before going out of the port, we paid Php 30 each for the environmental fee then waited for our service just outside the port. It took them almost an hour to pick us up because of a flat tire. When the service finally came, we were then brought to Bikal Port. From the port, it took us another 15-20 minutes boat ride before finally reaching the resort, CANDIIS ISLAND RESORT. A paradise. A beauty.

Upon reaching the island, we immediately had our breakfast. It was Delish!!!

After breakfast, we are supposed to start Island Hopping however everyone decided to do after lunch. An hour or so after, lunch was served. Another gastronomic feast! Yumyum!

It was past 1 in the afternoon when we started island hopping. We passed along Cagbalinad, Tayak, Tinago and Gota nearby Islands before reaching Lahos Island. It was low-tide so it’s quite hard to swim. We decided to just take some photos and chill for a moment. After Lahos we went to Matukad. A decent swimming area is situated on the right side of the island so we stayed there. Some of us climbed up the rock to see the hidden lagoon. We then went to Sabitang Laya. This island was once used in one of the Survivor editions, I remember three years ago when I first came here, I even saw one of the sets used in the show. This island has two sides. Both offers long white sand beach.

It was almost 5:00PM when we decided to leave the island and went back to our resort. To our surprise, one of the rooms we rented are being occupied by another group. We immediately spoke to the caretaker and asked them to fix the situation. They said there was a misunderstanding and due to the big number of guests in the island they can only give us two rooms. To avoid further problems, we agreed to take the 2 adjacent rooms and give the cottage room on top of the rock to other guests. They agreed to give us back an extra cottage the following day. The two rooms we took has restroom so it was fine.

After tidying up, we then had our buffet dinner. It was sinful. The food was great and wow nothing was put to waste. Everyone loved the food. Yum!

After dinner, some decided to sleep early and call it a day however few of us stayed up until midnight drinking.

Just a FYI, electricity in the island is only available from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. They only use generator from 10:00PM to 6:00AM the following day. So if you need to charge your gadgets, do so at this times. Smart Communication is the only mobile operator in the island so if you want to keep in touch with your loved ones and you’re using Globe or Sun, get a Smart SIM in advance.

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    • I am no longer able to get updates about Candiis (possible name change or ownership) however I was able to get alternative resorts which you can google as listed below. Please note thought that most of them are already fully booked for holy week.

      – Camsur Midhill East Villa
      – Residencia De Salvacion
      – Isla Soledad
      – Roseville Caramoan

      Just received a message now that they still have availability from April 15 onwards. You may contacy Jovy at 09108706570 directly for any inquiries.

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