Stunning Caramoan Day 3

Knowing the last boat leaves Guijalo Port at 11:00PM we know it wouldn’t be possible for us to go on another boat trip so instead we took the time to just enjoy the beach right in the resort. It rained again very early in the morning and it cleared out just few minutes after.

Another sumptuous breakfast was served again. After eating loads, we went straight to the beach to swim.

Realizing there’s an opportunity to cliff dive where one of the cottages are built, everyone started jumping.

The water wasn’t too deep and the jump point is just right. Most of us jumped more than twice. It was really cool!

If we only knew it’s possible since day 1, this would’ve been a daily thing. Haha! We really enjoyed it. One of our first.

My best friend also asked me to take a picture of her with this cute little pig.

Time flies when you’re having fun. We are supposed to checkout 9:30AM but some over stayed in the beach enjoying the dive and for some reason we had water scarcity because someone left the faucet open the whole night. Blame it on the Alcohol! Anyway, we managed to leave at around 10:00AM and arrived back in Bikal Port just before half past 10. A jeepney picked us up and brought us to Guijalo Port where we payed Php 5 terminal fee. At the port, some of us bought souvenir shirts before getting on the boat.

The boat left around 11:30AM.

Would you leave this beautiful island?

Almost 2 hour later, we reached Sabang Port. To my surprise, they do have floating walkway now. No need to be carried by the human porters. Amazing! On our way off the boat, it started to rain. We rushed to get cover until we reached the Van/Jeepney Terminal all wet. Haggard! Since there were no more Naga bound van, we took the jeepney and paid for Php 100 each. It took us about an hour to reach Naga.

We went straight to Naga Bus Terminal to secure tickets unfortunately all schedules are fully booked and they are fully booked until 3rd of April. 9 of us were desperate to go home so while trying to think of ways to get a bus to manila, we had late lunch at Mang Inasal in SM Naga. I contacted a friend in Daet and got me 9 tickets to Manila for Php 513 each. Right after eating they took a tricycle going to LCC Mall where they took a van going to Daet for Php 180.

It was already 6:00PM and we’re still in Naga and couldn’t get a bus going to Legaspi. Yes, we wanted to go to Legaspi for 1 day before heading back to Manila. Sampaguita Inn in Legaspi was fully booked and we couldn’t find any other cheap place to stay. We tried asking people in the bus terminal for a cheap place to stay whilst in Naga before heading for Legaspi the following morning. For some reason we all agreed to try to get a bus going back to Manila instead. Luckily, one of the bus leaving 7:45PM has 3 unconfirmed passengers. So we waited and waited and waited. Sure enough, all three of us was able to get the ticket. Yey! And yes we arrived ahead of the 9 who took the Daet-Manila route. 

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