Boracay: Bonding + Sunset Sailing

It was August last year when my best friend asked us to join the trip to Boracay. With no assurance of getting approved for a holiday break, we immediately booked for a flight going to Caticlan and a return flight from Kalibo and paid around 3,500 pesos for two. Not bad!

Below was our Flight Itinerary:

5J 919 MANILA – Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 Fri 23 Nov 2012 6:15 Cebu Pacific Air
CATICLAN – Godofredo P. Ramos Airport Fri 23 Nov 2012 7:20
Z2303 KALIBO – KALIBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Tue, 27 Nov 2012 12:25 Zest Air
MANILA – NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT  – Terminal 4 Tue, 27 Nov 2012 13:25

Luckily my holiday break got approved early November. Woot! My and girlfriend and I were both excited. It was her first time and it was a pre-celebration of my birthday. Life Is Good! So immediately after work I started packing my things since I failed to do it few days earlier. Because of excitement, my girlfriend failed to get any sleep and since I work till 1AM I failed to get any sleep as well. It was past 4AM when we left the house and arrived 10 minutes to 5AM in NAIA Terminal 3.

Thinking we might not make it to check-in our luggage, we rushed to the farthest entrance to avoid long queue. At the check-in counter, they offered us an earlier flight and so we took it. The woman told us that a flight got cancelled so they had to offer the earlier flight to those who came in early for their supposed flight and then transfer seats from the cancelled flight to those who OK’d to get to an earlier schedule. I then immediately sent our contact in Boracay a message to tell her of the sudden change.

We arrived in Caticlan around half past 6AM and were welcomed by Stella. She assisted us all the way from the Airport going to our Hotel at no cost. She was recommended by a friend who’s been assisting them whenever they go to Boracay. Their family own several resort/hotel in the island and they rely mostly on referrals from their previous satisfied guests. From the airport, we rode a tricycle going to the port. From the port, we then took a boat going to the main island.

From Boracay Port, we rode another tricycle to the hotel.

We alighted near D Mall where we walked for a couple of minutes to get to the hotel which is near the beach.

And so we arrived at Shenna’s Beach Resort and checked-in just before 8AM.

The room can accommodate 4 to 5 people and won’t even take you 3 minutes to get to the shore. They have a spacious balcony as well if you want to chill. The cost? Just 2000 pesos per night. Not bad considering its proximity to the beach. It is located in Station 2, only few minutes away from D Mall and Station 1.

Not to waste time and feeling a bit hungry, we decided to have breakfast at Shenna’s Restaurant. I had a Continental Breakfast while my girlfriend had Sinigang na Bangus. After breakfast, we walked around and found this interesting signage.

We went to D Mall to check any interesting buy then had ShareTea Rock Salt and Cheese with Cocoa. Yum!

Tired and sleepy, we decided to go back and dozed off for a couple of hours while waiting for the rest of the gang. It was around 2PM when one of them arrived. Still sleepy, we slept for an hour more, then went out around 4PM to have a snack and get the famous Jonah’s Fruit Shake. They have three branches in the island and since we’re too lazy to walk, we took a tricycle going to the nearest branch. It was delish!

To see the sunset, we hurriedly went back near the shore after getting fruit shake. It was amazing!

Nothing beats watching the sun go down in the horizon. We stayed near the shore for couple of hours until my best friend and her CS friend arrived. We walked around again to search for a nice place to have dinner. We all voted to have oysters and found one that offers unlimited oysters. Rate starts at 400 pesos inclusive of 1 drink but normally goes down to 300 pesos at around 10PM. After the sumptuous dinner, we walked along the shore and had couple of drinks while watching fire dancers perform.

The following day… I took another shot of the beach. Stunning!

We rented a beach bed and spoke to Stella and discussed our plans. Three of us decided to try Parasailing while everyone agreed to go on Sunset Sailing after. While waiting for our schedule, some of us tried Henna Tattoo. It was cool! In no time I’ll definitely get myself inked for real. c”,)

After getting Henna Tattoo, we’re off to do parasailing. We took off via a Speed Boat that took us to a floating station in the middle of the sea.

While in the floating station, we took some pictures showing off our Henna Tatt…

The boat arrived just before 2PM to pick us up; we’re all excited and nervous. Haha! We decided to have our picture taken just before getting on. All smiles!

They all started getting each one of us attached to the parachute securely and slowly raised us in midair. Wow! It was an unforgettable experience. The view of the island is just amazing! If I just have a photo to show you. They didn’t allow us to bring camera in midair for security reasons. It was really an exciting 15 minute ride and at the same time liberating. The feel of the air rushing through your face is a calming experience. We enjoyed it so much and wondered how we look on our way up and while in midair so immediately after getting back on the boat, we took the camera to check the photos taken by the boatmen who offered to capture everything for us however we’re unable to find any photo. Not even a single one! How frustrating was that?! For some reason the boatmen said the camera acted up and they couldn’t fix it. We just decided to have another picture taken after the experience.

It was half past 2PM when we reached the island after a swift exhilarating ride via Speedboat. Cool!

Back in the island, the water was really low and we had to walk few meters after getting off the speedboat.

Still a bit early for Sunset Sailing, we went back to the Beach Bed we rented and stayed there for about an hour or so while some of us decided to have lunch and the other slept. Just before 5PM, Stella approached us to tell that our boat for Sunset Sailing was all set. We hurriedly went to Station 1 to get to the boat.

It was past 5PM when we sailed off along with other sailboats trying to get a better view/closer look of the sunset.

It was a stunning scene like no other, a picturesque view of sunset in a dramatic setting with different colours emanating from the horizon.

I was in awe as I watched the sun slowly hide. Life Is Good!

After sunset sailing, we went to Boracay Beach Club office to secure slots for Ariel’s Point the next day. Total cost is 1500 pesos inclusive of BBQ lunch, snacks and free-flowing drinks (beer, rum coke and soda)

After securing our slot, we decided to have dinner at Bacolod Inasal in the D Mall area. They are famous for Chicken Inasal as well Kansi.

Since it was still early to party, we went back to our hotel to freshen up before getting some drinks and to party. To save up on money, we decided to get a couple of bottles of beer and vodka in one of the local grocery store and drink it while chilling near the shore. While trying to get some beer, we found this interesting flavour of gin displayed. Not your usual flavour and up until now I haven’t tried them.

We stayed near the shore, close to where the bars are. Be careful not to drink close to the water as Beach Police will reprimand and fine you as they don’t allow drinking and smoking near the water. Before even starting, we asked one of them if it’s okay to drink in our chosen spot. After finishing off all the bottles, we went to a bar for another set of drink. Most bars are packed with people, crazy people. Haha! If I remember it right, we went to Guilly’s Island. Not sure how the day ended but I know it was pretty late.

Click here to view the Full 5 Day Itinerary

Note: If you need help in Boracay, you may reach Stella at +63920 896 2264

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