Boracay: Ariel’s Point + Sunset + Calamansi Muffin

On our third day, we woke at around 10 to prepare for Ariel’s Point adventure. Call time was 1130AM but we arrived 45 minutes early. Meet up point was right in front of Boracay Beach Club.

After giving the full payment for the trip and a short briefing we’re all set.

We walked few meters from the shore going to where the boat was anchored. We’ve not yet started but we’re all soaking wet already as the boat was anchored quite far from the shore. Haha!

We left quarter to 12 and as soon as the engine started they started giving drinks to everyone. I asked for Red Horse. Yeah! After a calm and scenic ride, we finally reached Ariel’s Point. Ariel’s Point is part of Buruanga.

They are famous for Cliff Diving. A lot of local and foreign tourists go here to experience the fun and excitement of jumping off the cliff as high as 15 meters. If you are not into cliff diving, you can simply drink and eat or do snorkeling or canoeing. To ensure the safety of some who are not swimmers, you can ask them to wait for you at the bottom to get you or give you something to hold on after you jump.

In the island we immediately looked for a spot to stay and put all our stuff. Having no courage to cliff dive yet, we did canoeing first then I had a couple of drinks (rum coke and red horse) until lunch was served at around 2PM.

After lunch, I dozed off quite long not even realizing it. Good thing they woke us up with only an hour left. I had a couple more drinks but it didn’t really help me to get the courage I need to jump off the cliff. Aside from the fact that I am scared of deep water and I am not good in threading added more to the fear. I felt like a loser! L My girlfriend wanted to snorkel so I accompanied her instead. There were loads of blue star fish everywhere. I know I will jump the next time I visit Ariel’s Point. This is now on my Bucket List.

4PM, it was time to leave. My unfinished business here will definitely be the reason why I would go back.

On our way back, we chose the front seat for a better view of the sea and yes it did offer a great view but the strong waves showered us non-stop with sea water. It was exciting and scary as hell. I have no picture to show you as we secured all our cameras from getting wet. While in the boat, the party continued as everyone consumed all booze that was left.

Thank God, we all arrived in safety. We all went straight to our hotel to freshen up. Stella arranged a special dinner for us right in front of the beach. Wow! She prepared Chicken TinolaFried Tilapia, Grilled Eggplant and three different kinds of fruits. We had dinner at around 7PM.

Some of us went out to party again but my girlfriend and I decided to just hangout near the beach.

The following day, one of us left early to catch her flight back to Manila. Since we slept late last night, we all woke really late just in time for lunch. We went to Shakey’s and ordered Mojo’s, Chicken and Pasta for Lunch. Yum!

After lunch, we sunbathed and just stayed at the beach area.

Just before sunset, we went to Starbucks barefooted to get some coffee.

Sunset viewing is really one of the things I enjoy doing. Look at the image below. Isn’t amazing?

Just before going back at the hotel, we decided to walk along the shore again.

After the experience we had here in Boracay, my girlfriend wants to make it a habit of going here at least once a year. The tentative plan is to go here by June or November 2013.

For dinner, we all agreed to have dinner at Andok’s. We ordered Sinigang na Baboy and Liempo. Still feeling a bit full, I only had the soup of Sinigang. After dinner, my bestfriend decided to sleep early because of their early flight the next day. My girlfriend and I arrived here ahead of them and we’ll also be the last to leave. Haha! With no plan of sleeping yet, Debbie, our guest from CS, wanted to go out so we went for a walk and looked for a grill and tried different kinds of barbecue. A friend also wanted to have a drink so after meeting her up; we went for a stroll at around 12AM and looked for a place to drink. I think we reached as far as Station 3 in search for a place to hangout. While having a drink, we saw a couple playing Poi and then later did something fishy. Several people tried to stop them but they just kept on doing it, enjoying the attention they’re getting. Haha!

It rained, so we decided to head back to our hotel and call it a day.

On our last day, it’s just the two of us again. We were suppose to wake up early and have breakfast at Real Coffee but failed to make it happen. After last-minute packing and shower, we went straight to Real Coffee still but only to get the Famous Calamansi Muffin. It’s a MUST TRY!!! It’s Delish! J

Updated – Real Coffee is now located near Shenna’s Beach Resort. 

After getting the muffin, we hurriedly walk going to the main road and took a tricycle going to the port. From the port, we paid for the terminal fee and boat fare. We then took a van going to Kalibo Airport. Good thing we’re early for the flight so we had an ample time to check-in. We stayed in the boarding area for almost 2 hours because our flight was delayed. It was almost 1PM when we finally get the chance to board.

Click here to view the Full 5 Day Itinerary

Note: If you need help in Boracay, you may reach Stella at +63920 896 2264

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