Coron Day 4: Interesting Finds

Oh-Em-Gee! Indeed! Time flies when you’re having fun. If we can only stay for couple more days…

Since we got an extra day but not enough to go for another tour, we decided to hit the town for another look. As usual, we woke early and had another complimentary coffee from the lodge before going to the town for a nice breakfast. We went back to FoodTrip for the All Time Favourite Tapsi (a common filipino type of breakfast) wherein I had Tapsilog (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog) and my girlfriend had Dangsilog (Danggit-Sinangag-Itlog). 

Breakfast At FoodTrip

To get there, just take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you there if you’re not staying in the main town area. Fare is just 10 pesos per person. If you are staying in the main town area, it will only take few minutes to get there if you walk. It’s close to the tourism center.


After breakfast, we went for a walk and visited San Agustin Church.

San Agustin Church

In front of the church is where you can also see the Kilometer Zero Marker of the town.

Kilometer 0

Just few minutes after we took a tricycle going back to Rudy’s Lodge for a quick shower. Fare is 10 pesos per head via tricycle.

Rudy\'s Place Lodge Entrance

At around 10AM, we went back to town to get some keepsakes and delicacies. We didn’t pay extra for the transportation as it was part of the package we paid on our first day. Our first stop was Coron Harvest.

Where the Famous Cashew comes from

They are famous for their Cashew. They’ve been featured in the Living Asia Channel too. Cool! They have different varieties like sun dried cashew, brittle cashew and toasted cashew. I specially like the toasted cashew. Yum!

Cashew anyone?

After buying several packs of cashew and getting free tastes, we went to a famous store for dried fish. It’s located across the road facing the Port Gate of Coron. You can choose from different varieties of fishes (big and small) as well as dried squids. Don’t forget to haggle if you’re buying in bulk. Good thing my girlfriend is an expert. 🙂

Port Gate

Buying Dried Fish

Dried Fish

After getting sun-dried fish, we went to Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop.

Famous Souvenir Shop

We bought several keepsakes like earrings, anklets, bracelets, key chains and ref magnets.

Keepsakes for Our Love Ones

They also sell shirts for all ages and in different sizes.

Coron Souvenir Gift Shop

Around past 11AM, we’re back at the lodge to pack our things up. We then paid our room before check-out. For ease and to avoid delay, we’ve arranged with our tour operator to get a van that will pick us up from the lodge and bring us to the airport. We were picked up past 1PM and arrive in the airport 140PM.

Busuanga Airport - Most Efficient Airport Ever

This airport (Francisco B Reyes Airport) I must say is the Most Efficient Airport ever. Would you believe that we’re able to check-in and finish all security checks in just 5 minutes? Wow!

Busuanga Airport - Most Efficient Airport Ever

Having plenty of time to waste, we asked the airport security if we can go out to have lunch and they said it’s okay so we did. We had lunch at Real Eatery. One of the staff even said that famous people of Coron eat there as well. The place is clean too.

Lunch At Real Eatery

Lunch At Real Eatery

I ordered Bicol Express (a spicy dish with pork in coconut milk) and my girlfriend Pork Adobo (a famous filipino dish cooked in soy sauce and vinegar). In fairness, they taste great! Yum! The price is not bad as well. My girlfriend got herself a soda while I had coffee. In total, the damage was just 155 pesos. 🙂

Lunch At Real EateryLunch At Real Eatery

After lunch, we decided to go back to the terminal and just wait for our flight in the boarding area.

Waiting For Our Delayed Flight Back To Manila

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed. The delay was almost an hour and the area became crowded with anxious passengers. I can’t even remember the time we left.

Plane To Manila

So finally when we arrived in NAIA Terminal 3, we were suppose to get the bus going to MRT as we normally do however we saw this small paper taped…

Wrong Move!

Like everyone else, we were all surprised and wondered why. When we asked the driver/conductor, all they said was ” we no longer offer that route, if you don’t want to ride the bus, get a taxi”. I found it so unprofessional. They gave us another option though, they dropped us off near a gas station where we could get a jeepney going to Baclaran. Instead of riding a jeep, we took a cab going to Makati.

Note: See the below link for guide if commuting via NAIA Bus from MRT/LRT To T-3 & Vice Versa.

You may also want to refer to the below link for the latest update about NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus.

Here’s the rundown of our expenses for the day:

P20      Tricycle Fare for 2 (Lodge-Town)
P180    Breakfast at FoodTrip
P20      Tricycle Fare for 2 (Town-Lodge)
P300   Cashew
P335    Dried Fish
P270   Souvenir
P1500 Lodge (4Days 3 Nights)
P300   Van to Airport (For 2)
P40      Coron Airport Terminal Fee for 2
P155    Lunch at Real Eatery
P3120  Total Expenses for Day 4

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