Cebu Day 4: Virgin Island

Our last day here in Cebu. Had to squeeze in a quick tour of Virgin Island before leaving Bantayan.

By the way, Virgin Island is also known as Silion Island, a privately owned island.

The night before, we asked one of the resort staff to prepare breakfast for us early the next day and have it ready by 630 am as we have booked for a private boat for us at 7 am. They were able deliver as promised. Thumbs Up!

We were able to have breakfast on time and left the resort at exactly 7 am. We also rented snorkeling gears and stayed in the Island for about 3 hours or so. Time flew so fast that we didn’t even realise it. We wanted to stay longer but couldn’t. Clear blue sky, sparkling blue waters, colorful fishes near the shore, quiet surrounding, peace and tranquility all joined. Life is Good!

We were back in the resort at around 1045 and tidied up then had our lunch. We started packing our things right after lunch to prepare for check out just in time to catch the 1230 boat to Hagnaya. Luckily we’re just in time.

After an hour and a half of boat ride, we finally reached Hagnaya and immediately took a bus going to Cebu.

We arrived in Cebu after exactly 3 hours and 15 mins of bus ride and took a cab going to SM Cebu to get some stuff and withdraw some cash.

Unfortunately, my bank was Offline and unable to dispense cash and my girlfriend only got few cash left. She also failed to bring her other cash card. Since the money that we have left would only be enough to cover for a cab ride going to the Airport, Terminal Fee and few snacks, we decided not to buy anything anymore. Loser!

It was 6 pm when we decided to just leave and go straight to the airport and look for options. Luckily a friend rescued us and agreed to send us money where in we promised to pay once we’re back in Manila. Thank God! What a relief! Whew! We checked in 645 pm and left Cebu 815 pm.

It was 920 pm when we arrived in Manila. We immediately hailed a cab to get the money (We have nothing left this time) then asked the driver to bring us then to Tomas Morato (Quezon City) where we had dinner. We ended up in Mang Inasal to satisfy our craving for chicken.

It was an adventure even up to the last-minute of the trip. Another memorable one for me.

Lesson learned: Don’t rely on your cash card, always bring cash. Haha!

After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf House for a coffee before going back home as the last stop. A good way to end the day after the mishaps. πŸ™‚

Here’s the rundown of expenses for this day:

Php 1000.00 – Private Boat to Virgin Island
Php 150.00 – Snorkeling Gears Rental for 2
Php 2690.00 – Hotel Room + Incidental Charges
Php 300.00 – Motorbike Full Payment + Tip
Php 20.00 – Sta Fe Terminal Fee for 2
Php 340.00 – Boat Fare going to Hagnaya Port for 2
Php 300.00 – Bus Fare going to Cebu for 2
Php 70.00 – Taxi Fare from North Bus Terminal to SM Cebu
Php 170.00 – Taxi Fare from SM Cebu to Airport
Php 400.00 – Airport Terminal Fee for 2
Php 55.00 – Snacks
Php 400.00 – Taxi from Airport – Friends House – Tomas Morato in QC
Php 300.00 – Dinner at Mang Inasal
Php 240.00 – Coffee/Tea at CBTL
Php 120.00 – Taxi Fare going Home
Php 6555.00 Total

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