Cebu Day 3: Around Bantayan Island Via Motorbike

It’s almost 6am and we still haven’t decided where to stay in Bantayan. There were couple of hotels on my list however but most of them are fully booked and too expensive. Yoonek Beach Resort is one of them.

After checkout, we took a cab going to North Bus Terminal to catch the 7 am Bus to Hagnaya Port. We then had our breakfast while in the bus.

On our way, I texted the resort contact for our reservation and luckily got a quick confirmation. The bus left on time and arrived at Hagnaya Port after 3 hours and 15 mins and this includes a 10-15 min stop along the route.

From the port, we immediately bought a ticket and paid Php 10 terminal fee per person. I thought the ticket costs Php 170 per head however while in the boat I realised I still have Php 330 change out of the Php 500 I paid which I failed to count upon getting it as the boat was about to leave. It was clear that the ticketing officer only took the amount equal to one person but gave me two tickets. Got ourselves a 50% discount then. Haha. Thank You!

The boat left half past 10 and arrived in Sta Fe, Bantayan at exactly 12 nn. In the island, we were picked up by Remi, a freelance staff of the resort, who then brought us in the resort.

We’re able to check-in 1230 pm. They gave us a rate of Php 1900 per night as we wanted a room facing the beach with breakfast inclusion. The room is quite big and it has 2 double sized beds that can accommodate up to 5 people. It has its own fridge and a veranda as well. Not bad.

Hungry as always we had lunch after check-in. We asked for Beef Kaldereta, Mojos, Rice and 2 Fruit Shakes. Perfect!

After lunch, we asked Remi for things to do while in the Island. He even offered to tour us in the island free of charge just as long as we pay for his gas. So we agreed to do it right after the conversation. We rented a motorbike for Php 500 including my gas and his motorbike’s gas. We initially paid Php 300 as down payment which he agreed.

Our tour/motorbike convoy started around 215pm. We first went to the Old Port of Bantayan, from afar you can see the Virgin Island.

From the old port, we went to Bantayan Nature Park then to Kota Park where the sunset awaits.

After Kota Park, we went to Bantayan Market to get Danggit (Salted Dried Fish). Danggit here are really cheap.

Just before dinner, we went to St Peter and Paul Parish.

It was 7 pm when we finally arrived at HR Bar & Restaurant for dinner. Bbrrrpp! Remi, our guide, opened up and shared he ended up in the island. Quite interesting!

At around 830 pm we’re back in the hotel. Decided to get few bottles of beer until we dozed off at around 11-ish

Here’s the rundown of expenses for this day:

Php 120.00 – Taxi fare from Verbena to North Bus Terminal
Php 10.00 – Terminal Fee at North Bus Terminal (Since we asked the cab to go in)
Php 24.00 – Coffee while at the Terminal
Php 300.00 – Bus Fare from Terminal to Hagnaya Port for 2
Php 20.00 – Port Terminal fee for 2
Php 74.00 – Snacks
Php 170.00 – Boat Fare to Sta Fe (Again this should have been Php 340 for 2)
Php 300.00 – Motorbike DP + Gas
Php 417.00 – Pasalubong from Bantayan Market (Danggit)
Php 550.00 – Dinner at HR Bar & Restaurant
Php 1985.00 – Total

Note: If you want to contact Remi, you may reach him at +639063578703

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