The Longest 9 Days

Yesterday we marked the 1st Anniversary of Barclays Manila and today I’m going to start counting till we get back to the Philippines. It’s only been three months but it felt like we’ve been here for ages. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my stay here in UK but it’s more of me missing everything I left in my country. It was just for 10 weeks and but we got extended for another 2 weeks and I can’t help but count till the day I step foot to my beloved country and see my family and friends.

I really had so much fun here and learned a lot about the culture here and people here. We had the opportunityΒ to actually work with the our client side by side. Weather is very unpredictable, food is a little blunt, people are really nice and they value time so much. Being here, I got the change to visit the city of London, Manchester, Chester and Liverpool. It’s only been 11 weeks but we’ve accomplished a lot. I will cherish all the memories I had here and will never forget the people I’ve met whilst in here, my colleagues, the Filipino community in Northwich, our drivers Ian, Rick and Graham, and the hotel staff.

9 more days and we’ll have another 18 hour flight. I’ll be home really soon.

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